9 thoughts on “For a Rajini movie

  1. Gallal galla galla galllaaaa………..
    Thailavar with a surprise performance in Climax.
    Really enjoyed Gallal galla galla galllaaaa………..

  2. lakaa…. lakaa….. lakaa…. lakaa….
    First of all the movie Chandramukhi I found was thousand times better than Baba. But there were few things missing in this movie to make this a Rajni’s movie (like punch dialogues, abt politics etc) and definitely Rajni’s fans will be disappointed. The songs in the movie were good and Vadivel did not overact and hence the comedy scenes between Rajni and Vadivel were good. The graphics used in the movie especially for fighting scene in Rajni’s introduction could have been avoided whereas in the Kokku Para Para song has come out well. Prabhu gives us more to laugh at than Vadivelu especially in the emotional scenes.Jo’s (Ganga) usual overacting expressions just didn’t suit the character which calls for more subtlety and substance. She scares us with her expressions during the last 20 mins in the movie. The movie might just make it.
    luck(aa).. luck (kaa).. luck(aa).. luck(aa)..

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