Vasanth’s 9:30 to 10

Director Vasanth
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This was something that I was looking for a long long long time. Vasanth‘s break from Kollywood seemed like a mystery to me. Though he was associated with many charity programs and was also directing Ashokamitran‘s Thaneer, he was out of the mainstream kollywood for sometime now.

After Keladi Kanmani and Nee Paathi Naan Paathi[remember gowthami’s Nivedha song], like Mani Ratnam, Vasanth was also one of my favorites. Not just because he was from the KB group but because he had an elegant down-to-earth approach in telling stories. Aasai which was an offbeat thriller was cute. Not only Vasanth gave a fresh life to Ajith’s dying cinema career but also established Prakash Raj after his first tamil film Duet.

Nerukku Naer seemed more of a Agni Nakshathiram rehash but still was a good college movie. And I saw it couple of times for that Engenge Engenge song where Surya was still running behind Simran in the streets of Kolkatta. Povellam Kettu Paar was more of a Crazy Mohan movie than Vasanth’s. I still feel Vasanth has the ability to ground his movies well and there is a good amount of urban middle-class crowd that will enjoy his movies.

Looks like his next flick with Surya, 9:30 to 10:00 talks about the changes in two peoples life in just 30 minutes. 9:30 to 10, sounded like a serial timing on the cable. Thats when you get to Chithi/ Annamalai or Selvi. I think it’s not about it. Vasanth’s comeback sounds exciting to me. But don’t tell me he will rope Deva as the music director, again. Let’s have Illayaraja or ARR.

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  1. >>[remember gowthami’s Nivedha song]
    yes i do! yes i do!! each frame of that song could pass for a greeting card.

    >>Engenge Engenge
    yeah everybody in TN was busy watching Simran running… best run ever..


  2. LG,
    Am surprised you didnt mention “Rhythm” among Vasanth’s works. I personally think its a beautifully written, classy movie that oozes class and subtlety…”Yei! Nee Romba Azhaga Irukkey” was flawed but had its own charm, I thought (probably coz I am crazy bout Sneha!).


  3. Ram, Kick me for that. Not for Rhythm but for Hey Nee Romba Azhaga Irukkey. I loved the movie because it was grounded so well and was like being there. Never gave me an impression of a movie.


  4. yea Lazy,

    Rhythm would have justified the blog better than anything else. The casting in Rhythm deserves most applause. Who could imagine Meena in such a strong role, ramesh arvind titillating us with his service minded character, arjun as the dutiful son and decent gentleman, nagesh as arjun’s vegili dad…. we can keep eulogising…

    Vasanth is very good when emotions are to be suttle and underplayed. Meena portrayal is so subtle that you feel the real woman inside her.

    I rate Rhythm above everything in Vasanths’ stable.

    I liked this guy so much for his simplitude as I used to watch him from my office window (palimar hotel building/anna flyover/gemini junction) every morning when he stops his car and prays at the roadside vinayagar temple.

    Good luck Vasanth…


  5. Keeping all the positives of Rhythm, at the end of the movie it didn’t give me a satisfaction. There was a gap somewhere.

    However the songs rocked. Especially Kaatre Enn Vaasal Vandhai. Not many a time I like UnniKrishnan’s soft voice. This one and the song in Thullatha Manamum Thullum were exceptions.


  6. Ram, All that I am saying is that Rhythm didn’t give a sense of paisa vasool or atleast didn’t allow me to take a fresh breath at the end of the movie. Specially it was a Vasanth movie and I had vested many expectations on it.

    I felt that the second half was a drag and the ending very cinematic like the mouna ragam. When Mouna Raagam had released it seemed like a natural ending but looking back, getting down from the train and running towards each other isn’t Mani Ratnam’s league. Similarly for Rhythm.


  7. LG, i felt the slow pace in “Rhythm” actually contributed to the emotional pull of the story…many felt that the story was unnecessarily dragged to Ooty when Meena goes there to live with Lakshmi and her kid but I thought it was one of the best parts of the movie…esp. when we see that the elderly character is seeking redemption (for having opposed Meena’s marriage with Ramesh Aravind). As for the climax, come on, Arjun and Meena didnt “run towards each other!” It was just a cute moment when the Arjun character surprises the kid (more than any of us, I agree!) by getting off the train…(guess am getting too defensive…anyways, just wanted to voice my opinion:) ). ram


  8. Personally I felt the highlight of the movie was artist selection & characterisation .. particularly Nagesh & Maami ( Name ? ) as Arjun’s parents were perfect choices for that characters … ‘Cos I dont think the dialogues like ” Nee romba nallavan pa , Unakku ennum koncham nalathu nadakallam !” wouldnt have left such an imapct if it was enacted by anyone .


  9. I think Vasanth is very talented.

    I was very impressed with ‘Keladi Kanmani’, ‘Rhythm’.

    Good to read that he is making a new movie.


  10. 9:30-10 was a movie that was planned by Vasanth years back with music by ARR. For some reasons, this too (like ARR’s many) was canned. Is it comning?