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Anniyan gets pushed to May 15th, for Chandramukhi. Hope they come on the same day. Not for the wait but just curious about the results.

Mumbai Xpress also gets post-poned. Not because of Chandramukhi but due to post production jobs.

Prakash Raj’s ropes Priya, an assistant of Mani Ratnam for his next production. Thats news. Gossip is that KB also directs a film named Poi, for Prakash Raj’s production house. Is that a Poi/lie ?

Mani Ratnam kicks off story discussion for his next film starting April 2005 with all new stars. A friend close to Madras Talkies mailed.

Chandramukhi Countdown27 more days to Devuda Devuda.

6 responses to “Gossips Galore”

  1. Balakumar Muthu Avatar

    Hi, Just landed on your site, It’s just GREAT and very happy to see a most happening blog about chennai. keep it up man and make the masala curry matter very hot :).


  2. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Cool. Chandramukhi on schedule. Thats great!! Mumbai express release date postponed aa 😦

    I wish that the KB news is a poi. Tamil Cinema is doing very well without him. No need of old wine in new bottle. He will rope in ARR for music, screw the songs with most pathetic picturisation. And also the life of some actors/actress. It is better for him to attend all functions and advise!!


  3. Kreshna Avatar

    Hello..me from Singapore.
    In case you people still yet to see the chandramukhi trailer
    go to this link


    and for new cool stills from the movie go here


    I simply cannot wait for the movie!!!!!


  4. fantababy Avatar

    add me up to ur blog!


  5. Krithika Avatar

    Hello LG,
    I’m sorry if this piece is unrelated to the post above!
    I was wondering if you could write/post a piece on Tamilian calendar system- i wonder how accurate it is and how corrections are made for leap years etc.,
    I have been googling for a while, but am yet to hit upon a source that clears all my doubts.
    Thanks and sorry for taking up your space,


  6. Ravi Avatar

    Ferrarri, you are cool. I agree with you re: KB.


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