Yahoo 360 Blogging Service

So that completes the circle. Google – MSN and now Yahoo. Yahoo 360, a service that looks like a mix of Blogger and Orkut. I should say it more like the MSN Spaces rather than the Blogger + Orkut stuff.

The service isn’t active yet but looks like Beta service will be launched very soon. I haven’t seen many interesting blogs on MSN Spaces. So what is yahoo trying to do when they have a killer app like Blogger owned by Google, which rocks. Doing for the sake of doing doesn’t help anyone, I say.

6 responses to “Yahoo 360 Blogging Service”

  1. prosolution Avatar

    Nice blog. I just got mine started today. I hope it will look like this someday. Its just hard to keep finding fresh content


  2. Jagan Avatar

    With being slow these days, MSN and yahoo have a fair chance of getting a foothold in blog world.


  3. Keerthivasan Avatar

    right said !! i wasnt even convinient with MSN Spaces.


  4. sat Avatar

    I guess they can integrate it with all the personalized services yahoo provides – since you only need one account to log into all of yahoo’s services.


  5. Vijay Avatar

    I have been raving about this ever since started pointing toward Yahoo! Groups.

    Let us see…


  6. Harish Avatar

    MSN Spaces, gives a feel of blog!! But its cluttered interface like any other MSN page is repulsive.

    I cannot beleive that a huge public corprn like google can act like a normal human being. I (like many others) start doing something, get bored and dump it half way through it. Google kinda dumped (not exactly but close to) Orkut similarly. Its weird.

    Waiting for Yahoo 360!


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