19 thoughts on “Sania Mirza is the latest

  1. Lazy,

    Sania looks glamorous and she has won something. Thats enough for the media (esp Times Of India). If alone she wasnt this cute, do you think our media will be so interested in her???

    All marketing maams..

  2. heard that fans are troubling her already and she is getting police protection and she might quit some participation..Tough life for an 18yr old gal.

  3. Subbu
    Good that you havent’ posted her pic.
    Every magazine oogles on her , shame on them.
    Even Vikatan when describing her said something like ‘Thala Thalannu Thakkali ‘
    Hope her talent shines out more than her glamour
    we dont need another Anna.

  4. LG,
    I think she deserves a little hype, cuz the girl’s definitely got talent. But people expecting her to win a grand slam or even a couple of titles is mad. And I wouldn’t mind drooling over her pics. 😉

  5. Why not? We can have an Anna Kornikova.
    It’s better than having a Nirupama, like “one tournament wonder” and vanish off the scene, totally.

  6. Shekar, that is not the point. I think the country wud prefer someone who can WIN (hey! if she looks good and wins, double bonus!) and not just look good and WHINE. Ask a true sports fan and he/she wud echo this thought. If you wanna see someone who looks good, go look at Aishwarya Rai.

  7. Easy Sriram!
    Do you know Anna’s career high ranking, #8. Do you think she is a failure as a player? And she had beaten steffi and martina hingis when they were at their best. Ofcourse she did not win a grand slam, But this acheivements talk enough of her.

  8. Shekar, nice to see you quote some stats. lemme quote one stat that stands out abt Kournikova. Tour titles : 0. doesn’t that speak for itself?

  9. wow! geek, what have u started here!?
    well, sania takes good care of herself, my pals who have covered the hydy open tell me, so let’s quit worrying about her. good for her if she performs, and no we are not belittling her achivement in any way.
    so, are we agreed on this? 🙂
    hey, lg, i got a photoblog up. chk it out when you have the time…

  10. According to Google India Zeitgeist, the keyword
    Sania Mirza was one of the most popular search queries on Google India in January 2005.


  11. I know sania mirza, personally. To break the ice…shes not that great looking. Makeup and tennis dont go together guys….she had more pimples than me last year and that is just wrong if you want to call her hot after that…

  12. lol,
    this was the second time i’ve read or heard abt sania mirza. I forgot who she was until I saw the word ‘Kournikova’. That too didnt ring a bell until after a few seconds. Further reading these comments gave me an even better ‘insight’ abt my obviously ignorant notion abt this woman.
    It’s just funny how a woman is still viewed so differently….be she whatever. Guess the Indian sports arena still mainly comprises one or two specific names.

  13. Hey All, Iam New to this Forum, Will be a Frequent Visitor, We all talked about the Hype around her, Dont you all think that is needed for the acivement, but i guess the hysteria of that Hype is going far beyond the Limit, STOP IT !!!! Let her Grow, Let her learn it the way she wants, Certianly Anna is a treat when she is in front of Lense ( With the Make Up ) ( Check this Forum and the Links in it for a Without Make up Anna … http://forum.digitalspy.co.uk/board/printthread.php?t=189079&page=3&pp=25 ….. ) But when she is on the Court, I feel she is just out of her bed. So We dont want an Anna from India. Please Leave Her Alone. Any one from Times OF India Readin this …..??????

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