While Chennai, around me, was

While Chennai, around me, was buzzing around me with marathon activity, I was busy shouting at a Saravana Bhavan on charging 5 bucks extra for a masala dosa. Sure the masala dosa was tasty but I was so hungry to hog 2 dosas and get done with my hunger.

After a strong filter coffee, while crossing the road, I saw a gentle man with Temenos Chennai Marathon TShirt on his way back home. Excuse me, I burped. Thats being lazy, for you.

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  1. Guru, SB Dubai (yeah they have two branches there) charges 3.00 dirham (3 x 13=Rs.39.00) for a Masala Dosa. At the rate at which they are going, a Masala Dosa in Chennai would be costlier than a Masala Dosa at Dubai 🙂


  2. Saravana Bhavan food is tasty but those people are misers!!

    Masala Dosa – Dosai 5 grams, masala 3 grams, oil sambhar grams

    Kaakka maadhiri kallu poatta dhaan Sambhar will come up! Kaiyaendhi Bhavan is better!


  3. Gosh !! 20 for masala & 15 for saada, toooooooo much!!! LG, came across ur site recently, very intrsting. Look fwd to ur posts

    chentil : thot SB-Dubai charged much more…


  4. lg, thank ur lucky stars that u get 2 eat local masaladosas&filter coffee.Ask an unlucky desi living abroad what it feels like 2 long 4 a masaladosa or 2 long 4 a masala local crowd 2 watch a rajni or a vikram movie in a theatre.The whistling,the cheering,the dancing by the front benchers.(and to think that there was a time i used2 look down on the same local crowd 4 being such rowdies in the theaters). Ask me how i miss all that when i’ve 2 sit thru a dry,bland,joyless, masalaless, colorless,songless,danceless,killjoy english movie staring a hero who refuses 2move his facial muscles in the name of realistic acting.Iwould rather’ve an expensive masaldosa instead of a bland pancake, anyday. And i would rather watch a talent like vikram (who can act,dance,fight&romance his ladies instyle) instead of a cruise or a travolta, anyday.
    P.S…and iam not even a tamilian.


  5. Guru,
    any idea where the extra 5 bucks go …

    1) is it to compensate the increase of the price of the ingredients – wrong

    2) is it to increase the salaries of the workers in lieu with the current std of living – nope

    3) or is it because of the VAT that has been introduced recently – hell no..

    the answer is….

    to the “Save Annachi legal fund” (to fight the case against him and to pay the lawyers and witnessess).

    hope this isn’t too political



  6. Too simple Spidey, The diff in cost for a sada dosa and masala is 5. I got a masala dosa and there was hardly any masala in it and so I was bargaining to give me back that 5 bucks 😉

    There is nothing political about it after all much more than this is in the newspapers


  7. “Kaakka maadhiri kallu poatta dhaan Sambhar will come up! Kaiyaendhi Bhavan is better!” LOL! Good one there Praveen. Brings tears to my eyes.


  8. i live in bangkok, and first of all, there isnt a saravana bhavan, second, i pay 85 rupees for a masala dosa in komalas.

    end result – i dont go there anymore 🙂


  9. hi geek,

    actually you should not have burped…

    the gesture already been made by saravana bhavan earlier…when you pay for MD and FC.

    thanks & regards,