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Summer, Rahman and Hanuman Chalisa

Chennai is getting ready for yet-another-hot-summer. Today was even worse. With the sun hitting hard, a chap was pushing his cylinder filled tri-cycle with barefoot, up the Doraiswamy subway. Life moves on.

Had to do some good amount of packing/unpacking stuff today, at home. A R Rahman gave a helping hand. You probably got that wrong. With a CD playing assorted Rahman songs, packing became a joyous occasion even for a lazy one like me. Music the life giver, reads a Rajinikanth t-shirt in the movie Johnny. How true.

Hanuman Chalisa[pdf] is probably MS Subbulakshmi‘s best devotional music rendering, I’ve heard. We know MS sings from her heart, this one comes deep down from the heart. Not a day passes by without listening to it and I unconsciously keep humming it throughout. Thanks to Tulasidas for the ever-faithful lyrics and also to Latha for recommending this one. Do listen if you get a chance.

These guys at Grab A Geek, just got spidered in Google News as a news source and they are out with an article, One Ring to Google them all, that’s partly informal and partly informational about Google’s Behind-the-scenes.

12 thoughts on “Summer, Rahman and Hanuman Chalisa

  1. Only if life had a background score 4 every situation, just like in movies……..Would make living easier. Dont u think?


  2. Nanda, That was a lovely thought. I am just thinking for the moment what song would be played now, at every moment. Great idea.

    Nitin, Thanks.

    Ferrari and Maran, Is that global heating of some sort.

    Desikann, I remember you telling about this. I did get an assorted collection of MS bhajans which had some surdas ones. Truly great numbers.


  3. When I saw the topic, for a moment I thought it was something about ARR’s upcoming releases this summer. 🙂


  4. I need the lyrics of Rani Tero Chir Jeeyo Gopal – a bhajan by Surdas sung by Pandit Jasraj ji.
    Can anyone help?


  5. hi geek,

    it goes without saying – MS and Hanuman Chalisa – and no words to describe the beauty.

    Hanuman Chalisa is best because

    -Written by Tulsidas

    -it identifies Hanuman as a form of Lord Shiva (verse 6 and 39)

    -it will give moksha (verse 38)

    -Kanchi Paramacharya asked everyone to read atleast once a day

    -the satisfaction is certain if you chant 11 times a day (hardly takes 20 min)

    thanks & regards,


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