SV Ramakrishnan’s Athu Andha Kaalam

Athu Andha Kaalam, a book by S.V Ramakrishnan, that talks about ‘those days’, was on the Uyirmmai stall in the Chennai Book Fair and I just overlooked the author for S.Ramakrishnan. While talking with Desikan, he said it was S.V.R and no S.R. He also promised on Mettioli to publish an SVR essay on his blog. He has now posted an extract from this S.V. Ramakrishnan’s book.

The essay(extract) talks about 10 years of railway history, from 1945-1955. SVR recalls the times and conditions of a third class travel during ‘those days’ clearly communicating the lifestyle of people in the early 1940s. This short essay doesn’t have sensational stuff but still is a gripping read(atleast for me). The flow of words and usage of ancient words adds flavour the essay, thereby making SVR a writer of sheer quality.

Adding creme to coffee is Ashokamitran, who after reading this essay in Uyrimmai, was inspired to pen his thoughts on the Indian railway. And he gives due credit to SVR for bringing out his memoris of the railway. And he, for his part, details a bit of railway history from 1935. This Ashokamitran column was published on Uyirmmai as a follow-up column to SVR essay. It’s happy to see if such noble gestures happen in the contemporary literary world. These days, if one writes a comentary on an issue, the so-called-opposites, write the opposite of that or try to eclipse the better ideas. That’s the evil world of publishing for you. I only wish we have much more writers like SVR and Ashokamitran and ofcourse magazines like Uyirmmai which give time and space for such writings of ‘those days’. I loved it and earning to buy the book, ASAP.

BTW, Chenthil‘s account on Ashokamitran 50, was a nice read especially for the unfortunates like me, who missed the function. Do read. Thanks Chenthil.

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    Thanks for the plug Guru. Unfortunately blogger is facing problems with my blog and I am unable to edit or post anything for the past 5 days. That is why that post was repeated so many times. They sent a mail saying it will be rectified in a few days, so till then blog holiday for me


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