Shobhaa’s Day

Shobhaa De's Spouse

When I saw Shobhaa Dé, last week on the cable, she was extemporizing an interview. I thought it was yet-another-talk-show where they ask questions of national importance like this, So what’s your advice for teenagers or Why men hate feminists. It wasn’t. A little better.

Shobhaa Dé spoke in length about marriage, infidelity, love, sex and what not. Only today, when I saw this page on rediff that her latest book in five years, Spouse – The truth about marriage, has been released on the Valentines day and that cable interview was a marketing effort. Rediff report describes the book as, Spouse is a personal and insightful take on the institution of marriage and offers special love tips to make your marriage strong.

Even as a teenager and much later too, I liked Shobhaa Dé. I thought she was probably the most daring writer about sex in India. The hidden agenda is that you could rightfully read a Shobhaa Dé book at home without being mistaken for reading a porn magazine and yet manage to read all the vivid sex in it. As I found better writers, I mean in the real sense, I had given up reading Shobhaa Dé. She doesn’t even feature in my list of favorite authors. The last I read of her was a book called, Shooting from the hip. I stopped reading it after the first twenty pages and threw it from the balcony.

What makes Shobhaa Dé stay in limelight even after some not-so-indepth-writing ? Probably the arena she chose to write about. Her columns are mostly targetted for the urban lot and their issues of life. My only crib here is that those are shallow. If you are an urban man/woman living in the corner of some metro of India, this writing would appeal to you. You can write tons pages about love and sex life and generalise it. It may not be completely right but readers would still not crib as you are treading down an unmanned path. Easy job. Imagine, if you get a VIP ticket to those Page 3 people’s wild parties, you could just write about the true world inside dream factory and still be politically write. Easy job again.

I have this good/bad habit of watching a film even after the reviews say it is bad. This time the reviews for her latest book says, It’s good. I am not doubting the reviews but I am going to read it for myself to get some tips on, How to write a superfluous and successful book ?

P.S – Rediff did a ‘better’ marketing effort. Shobhaa Dé’s love tips -SMS SHO to 7333. Rediff guys, give me a break. Stop such SMS gimmicks.

While Chennai, around me, was

While Chennai, around me, was buzzing around me with marathon activity, I was busy shouting at a Saravana Bhavan on charging 5 bucks extra for a masala dosa. Sure the masala dosa was tasty but I was so hungry to hog 2 dosas and get done with my hunger.

After a strong filter coffee, while crossing the road, I saw a gentle man with Temenos Chennai Marathon TShirt on his way back home. Excuse me, I burped. Thats being lazy, for you.

Sania Mirza is the latest

Sania Mirza is the latest matinee idol. I don’t say that. But having got more than 6 email forwards, just today alone, filled up with images of Sania Mirza, I accept. No pics of Sania in this post just to beat that.

Anyway, let’s not have another Anna Kournikova in making.

Summer, Rahman and Hanuman Chalisa

Chennai is getting ready for yet-another-hot-summer. Today was even worse. With the sun hitting hard, a chap was pushing his cylinder filled tri-cycle with barefoot, up the Doraiswamy subway. Life moves on.

Had to do some good amount of packing/unpacking stuff today, at home. A R Rahman gave a helping hand. You probably got that wrong. With a CD playing assorted Rahman songs, packing became a joyous occasion even for a lazy one like me. Music the life giver, reads a Rajinikanth t-shirt in the movie Johnny. How true.

Hanuman Chalisa[pdf] is probably MS Subbulakshmi‘s best devotional music rendering, I’ve heard. We know MS sings from her heart, this one comes deep down from the heart. Not a day passes by without listening to it and I unconsciously keep humming it throughout. Thanks to Tulasidas for the ever-faithful lyrics and also to Latha for recommending this one. Do listen if you get a chance.

These guys at Grab A Geek, just got spidered in Google News as a news source and they are out with an article, One Ring to Google them all, that’s partly informal and partly informational about Google’s Behind-the-scenes.