Saarang 2005

Guitar Prasanna

Chennai is yet to take a breather from the crowded book fair but then there’s no time. Saarang 2005, the cultural mishmash of IIT Madras is happening again. I shouldn’t be saying it’s happening. Because as the IITians says, it isn’t an event. Saarang is a state of mind. And this yearly festival starts from 21st Jan 2005 and goes on till the 26th. This is an inter-college show and so the youth is outta there. A gentle breeze after the rather dry december music festival and the book fair.

I’ve been a regular to this yearly event for close to a decade and it gets better every time. Be it the pro-shows or the arrangements or the fashion statement, Saarang simply rocks. It makes you feel young and yearn for those good-old college days. A true extravaganza. Last year, Saarang was devastating. Euphoria and Strings created a magic on the last day and I could still remember the whole stadium singing Maa Thuje Salaam. Also Decibels, intre-college western music show was the best of all the years. And I hope this year it will become even tougher. You also have this usual nice to watch Ad-Zap, Jam and creative writing competitions, not to forget the popular Mr and Ms Saarang.

This year’s schedule is out. For the pro-shows KK(the same Kakkha Kakkha KK) will be performing light music on 24th. Orange Street alongiwth Moksha will perform the rock show on 22nd Jan. There comes a suspense which I nearly guessed(rather wanted to happen). Guitar Prasanna will be performing again for the Jazz show named, Be the Change. Be the Change is actually the latest album released by Prasanna in the mid 2004. He along with Jeff Coffin on sax, Kai Eckhardt on bass guitar and Derico Watson on drums will perform the show. During Saarang 2000, he played along with Alphonso Johnson. I had been to that show and I must say it was exhilarating.

Guitar Prasanna is well known to Chennai music fans for his carnatic compositions with guitar. I did like his albums on Jazz than the carnatic ones. He was probably inspired by the Miles Davis school of jazz and took over jazz from blues. He owns more credit for spreading the reach of carnatic music in the American music circles. With Illayaraja his last work was for Vaanavilley in Ramana. He played those enchanting acoustics for Yej Jo Hai Tera of Swades for A R Rahman. I am definetly there for this show and also for the KK’s light music.

Catch up with the never ending State-of-Mind Saarang next week. If you are coming do let me know and we can plan along.

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  1. rajamani Avatar

    granted you write well. but please refrain from using hyper-bole. what does state-of-the-mind sarang mean? it’s only an inter-college festival, for godsake and nothing earth-shattering. easy on the adjective, pal.


  2. C~P Avatar

    Many people dream about getting into IIT. This is an easier way 😀


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar


    point taken. but these weren’t my words. if you did read the post again you would see this –

    I shouldn’t be saying it’s happening. Because as the IITians says, it isn’t an event. Saarang is a state of mind..

    I just nodded heads to that. BTW, you can see this on their saarang site intro, too.


  4. sat Avatar

    I miss Saarang so much.
    ITs been one year already.


  5. Jupe Avatar

    The worst thing about being in B’lore is missing Sarang 😦
    LG, Pls do give us a detailed write-up – even a day-to-day recap would be wonderful 😉


  6. Mukundhan Avatar

    I do remember Sarang , i attended “Repulic day rock” during 99 Sarang . Man what a concert by “Tantra” , it was amazing , wish i could attend every year .


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Sat, I know you’re gonna crib. remember meeting you last year in saarang. sudhon and otherswould also join your crib league 😉

    Jupe, Sure will do it.

    Mukundhan, so you were there for the tantra show. lucky you. i missed that one. this year it is ‘republic day jazz’.


  8. Ajay Avatar

    What is the last album of ‘Guitar’ Prasanna that u r refering to LG? (Available online??)
    He started with ARR around “Roja” phase.

    Stayin’ tuned for the next update on ‘photo blog’ 🙂


  9. Sunil Avatar

    Ajay, Prasanna’s latest album is “Be the change”. You can get more info on his official web site

    Here’s a suggestion – put on your headphones while accessing the site and you’ll hear some brilliant guitar pieces from the genius!


  10. Maverick Avatar

    GP performing Be The Change live!! That would be mindblowing. I wish I was in Chennai for Sarang for that.

    Check out for ‘Ragabop’, ‘Takatakita Blues’,’Bliss’,’Pangaea Rising’. Superb fusion.
    I hope he is accompanied by his wife Shalini coz ‘Satyam’ and ‘Bliss Factor’ has her amazing vocals.

    LG, Can you post us a detailed review about the concert?


  11. divya Avatar

    Argh…when i ever get to see Saarang in my lifetime? =( Prasanna plays jazz. Something like John McLaughlin? Cool. Didnt know that.


  12. Maverick Avatar

    Check more about Guitar Prasanna’s albums and the other jazz artists here …

    If you are in US, you can even buy a few jazz albums here. Good service!


  13. John Avatar

    Saraang sucks.

    IIT is gay.

    By the way, so is Euphoria.


  14. someone in iit Avatar
    someone in iit

    You should rather ask for a seniour to express his comments on this circus.You will be in for a pleasant surprise, but wait a minute will you really be?


  15. John Avatar

    HA HA. Someone at IIT – I hear you frisk people outside the gates.

    Sure sign of homosexuality. Am sure you enjoyed it though.


  16. Rajiv Bharadwaja Avatar
    Rajiv Bharadwaja

    I miss Saarang so much. It’s been nearly four years now.

    Rajiv (Godavari, Class of 2001)


  17. adipex Avatar

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