Indibloggies 2004

Indibloggies 2004

Indibloggies is the Indian version of Bloggies. These are awards given away for the best blogs during the year. This blog, was the Best Media Indiblog, last year. This year the name has been changed to Best Humanities(arts) Indian Weblog. Am not sure why they had to change it ?

Anyway, this blog is nominated again. Unlike last year, there are more competitors this year. If you think it’s (still) worth it, do vote.

20 thoughts on “Indibloggies 2004

  1. Hi Lazy,
    Voted my vote for you. All the best. I think you are already much ahead among others in the category. congrats!Keep going!

  2. Hmm… Its our way to “pat on your back” 🙂
    You are still way ahead… Probably u can claim a hat-trick next year end.

  3. Thanks to Madan, Narsi, Raj, Ajay, Ferrari, Avaiz, Sri and the rest of others who took precious time to vote me.

    Ferrari, Briyani packet is one the way. You also get free shampoo packets and a two bucks seepu to comb that shampoo washed hair 😉

  4. hey l geek,

    am with u on this.
    i dont think i stand a chance, but if u vote for me, that means i have 23 votes on best new indiblog! 🙂

  5. hi lazy,

    as i keep checking hindu, dinamalar and other news sites i do keep checking ur site for updates…

    u are doing a great job of updating madras happening for people like me living outside india…

    from the poll results…definitely u will win !!

    all the very best !!

  6. Voted for you man,but later thought that i could have done it to somebody else :-),you are already much ahead,leaving others to lose their deposits…hmm.Wishing you all the best…BTW where are your reviews on ‘Kaadhal’ and ‘Swades’…i watched Swades yesterday(too late).and thought it was a good effort from Ashutosh ,but it could have been much better…curious to know ur take on it..

  7. hi guru

    u r way ahead. but that does’nt mean i refrain for speaking my mind. i voted for u and ur endeavours

  8. Guru ,
    I thought I’ll blackmail you by asking ” Finish all yr pending movie reviews & ask for my vote ” .. but
    anga poi paartha thaan theriyuthu .. U got 90% of ’em …now it’ll be like Taibu threatening Ponting ” I cant regard you as the Best Test Team .First beat us & then we’ll see ” ..

    Athunalla … vera option ellama Vote pottachu ;-))

    All the very best !!

  9. Hi LG,

    I am a regular visitor of your blog. As some one said before where are your long pending reviews on movies. Wish to read ur revus on “7GRBC”, “Kaadhal”, “Swades”. I have voted for you. And whethr yu know it or not, a link to your Swades Music review has been added in official movie websie of “Swades” in Media section. As i have been reading lott of your bolgs on sujatha, i bought “Vignyana Sirukathaigal” in the Chennai Book Fair and needless to say, the stories and innovaive ideas are great. Wish you all success in future and you are the Ghilli(sure Shot Winner) in Indi Blog.


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