Round-up – Chennai Book Fair 2005

Enter Bookdom

As usual there are books and bookworms in Chennai. However, the Chennai Bookfair 2005 isn’t only about them. Strangely, the book fair is getting very sociable. A typical social gathering than just a book buying crowd. But if they are able to translate the visitors into book buyers the goal is reached.

computers and aeroplanes

This year, probably the first time, they have changed the architecture of the book fair. Until now, the entry and the exit were through a common gateway. Now, it’s much streamlined and you go in through a way and come out of the other. This probably has to be appreciated because there is enough space to move around and adapt the bellying visitor count. The organizers are strict and they don’t allow any single stall to occupy more space than what was allocated. When I was in a stall, they even asked that stall hosts take out a single chair placed at the side of the stall.

Apart from these operational stuff, there are books. In plenty. And there are readers to buy books ranging from Five minutes Briyani to Yoga and it’s therapeutic approach.

Kaalachuvadu has an amazing calendar for 2005 which hosts pencil sketches of eminent Indians. From J Krishnamurthy to MS Subbulakshmi this is a good buy. Bought a compilation of G.Nagarajan‘s short stories which includes Naalai Matrumoru Naaley.

checkout Cho and Sivakumar in Alliance

Alliance publishing has released Actor Siva Kumar’s autobiography named, Ithu Rajapaattai Alla. I couldn’t find Cho. Ramaswamy’s Sarkaar Poghundha Veedu, Koovam Nathi Karaiyile and Enge Brahmnan in print at Alliance publishing. Looks like it might a month before they come back to print.

Badri Seshadri's Kizhakku Pathippagam Ashokamithran's Assorted Columns

Badri Seshadri‘s Kizhakhu Pathippagam is certainly doing a great job. Probably one of the most professional of the lot. They have a good collection and are adding some more books. Their list includes, Pa. Raghavan’s Dollar Dhesam, Hari Krishnan’s Hanuman – Vaarpum Vanappum and a book by Ira.Murugan. is probably their Bought Aathavan’s Iravukku Mun Varuvathu Maalai.

Kadavulgalin Pallathaakku Sujatha's Selected Shortstories

Uyirmmai also has come out with a great collection. Other than Sujatha‘s books they also have other new books like Aathavan’s Kaakitha Malargal and S.Ramakrishnan’s new book.

S.Ramakrishnan’s book on World Cinema is selling hot cakes. Released by Kanavu Pattarai it is well priced at 500 bucks and is a good buy. I just scanned a few pages and am planning to go for it.

finally some space

Then there was Dheemtarikita and Gnani was as usual talking to his visitors socially. Last year, Vairamuthu’s Kallikattu Ithikasam was the hot seller. This time, Vairamuthu’s Konjam Thaneer Niraya Vaanam was out and there weren’t any major marketing for it.

Relax Bookworms !! Bye Bye Book Fair

As I said on the curtain-raiser, there were huge crowds on the Vikatan shop and also in the canteen. There are many tamilians from abroad who are visiting Chennai just for the book fair.

I am planning a glance again tomorrow to meet Writer Sujatha on the Uyirmmai stall by 5:00 pm. Will write more on the books in the next post. BTW, if you haven’t visted the book fair, you have just three days more. It’s rocking and if you aren’t there you are certainly missing out on the books.

Also: Chennai Book Fair 2005 – A Curtain Raiser. Click here to see all the pictures together on Flickr.

17 responses to “Round-up – Chennai Book Fair 2005”

  1. Vasanth Avatar

    Yes Lazy it is one of the well organised book fairs which I have seen (don’t ask how many I have seen… lol!!).

    As you have said correctly, it looked more like a social gathering than a book fair. So many kids more interested in eating all the snacks which are available there rather than buying books.

    But still it was a good experience!!


  2. Srihari Avatar

    Hi Lazygeek,
    I was asking you about the book version of Hey! Ram’s screenplay…

    Is it available anywhere?
    i really want a copy of that one.. 😦


  3. ravindran Avatar

    nice coverage of the book fair.

    thanks !


  4. Raj Avatar

    Hi LG,
    could u pls post the top sellers this time ?


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Srihari, I wandered around the book fair but couldn’t find the book. I wasn’t looking for it though. Tomorrow, will remember and get it if available.

    Raj, Will post it for sure.


  6. sat Avatar

    Woo ho.
    Long time since I have been to the Big Fair – used to promptly go every year.
    And brave the madding crowd.
    And buy nothing.


  7. kdot Avatar

    that “hey ram” screenplay is available in “Booklands” .the shop is in panagalpark , next to Ram’s milky way.


  8. Srihari Avatar

    will check it out soon at booklands.



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