8 thoughts on “Amitav Andaman and Amrish

  1. Hi Geek…

    I accept your stmt about delay in flight arrival and departure but you know i parked my car at road side for good 15 – 20 min. at around 6.30AM today. There is ZERO visibility and the heavy vehicles were travelling at very slow speed with all lights on. You may be right about the flights because of new technology but still the Dusty FOG is there in and around the city…Your comments please…



  2. Out of Topic.. Yet interesting one..

    BSNL DataOne broadband services are to be out, by pongal. The Tariffs are posted on bsnl.co.in, and there is an offer thats really woth a buy !. Check it out !


  3. KG, Thanks for the pointer. I certainly didn’t see it. It was based on my personal experience when I drove down the highway.

    I have to say it was a lot better than the last year and it keeps improving.


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