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The Incredibles movie review – Unbelievably Incredible (!)

The Incredibles

Why would Vishnu incarnate as Rama in the epic of Ramayana and be sent to exile? He needs to kill Ravana. That’s one perspective. Being a staunch bhaktha of Shiva, it’s the path that Ravana chose to attain Moksha. That’s another. Put both into a single glass and see through it. I am sure you get another perspective. Every perspective also has a moral. A moral that so glaringly and sometimes very subtly told. This probably is the reason Ramayana still exists as the numero-uno of moral story building forte.

The paragraph above has nothing to do with the movie The Incredibles. It’s just how every Pixar movie starts with a moral depicting short film. So does a review. I know you want to kick me but then I love to follow the Pixar way. Even when the first-time-Pixar-movie-watchers are shocked with the kind of un-related story that starts, I certainly believe it is a way to prepare your audience for the grandness that follows. The morality could be similar but the presentation format amazes. Bounding is the short film that’s been played in the beginning of this movie.

The Incredibles is truly incredible for the most part. Of course it’s unbelievably incredible(!) just like the huge robot ball that creeps on to the earth in the motive of destroying mankind. The Incredibles has a story that is metaphorically exhilarating but as it travels through the screenplay roller coaster, it boils down to pedestrian fantasy movie.

Just like how Mr.Glass of The Unbreakable was looking out for super heroes, Syndrome, the so called villain dude is also tracing and following the super heroes. His theory, “If everyone has super powers, no one really has“. And he is characterized by bristling hair, jazzy dress and a whacky smile, good to enough to say that he is a villain. He succeeds one third of a movie to put our hero to trouble and finally gets destroyed. Yet another kollywood masala. Yet another James Bond + Indiana Jones combo. Still, there lies a difference. Incredibles has a what-if story. What if Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Mandrake, Phantom and all super heroes are represented, indirectly, in a single movie? That’s probably the best aspect of the movie giving a large scope for creativity to unleash.

As a family to superheroes, dubbed by the public for de-railing the social laws, are sent in exile by the government, to live among the commons, as commons. The story then treads into a land of reality and details the living of superheroes in a distant city trying to fulfill the American dream. Our hero, the patriarch of the family, Bob Parr, is frustrated by the mediocrity and hypocrisy which the commoners posses and writhes to escape from the middle class exile. There comes an opportunity for him to break this cage and so he does.

Bob’s unwillingness to stay in exile is clearly depicted at two instances. During his son’s kindergarten convocation ceremony, he remarks in perplexed tone, “They keep finding new ways to celebrate mediocrity“. One single line that conveys all. Secondly, his body language when he drives that unfitting sedan from office. Bob’s wife, Elastigirl(voice by Holly Hunter) has an untypical role of savior and a mom with super powers. While in exile, her characterization and intonation ring in front a typical American housewife. The costume designer needs a special mention here. Then there are three kids of Bob, each with a special quality and extremely witty in their own ways. Violet, the teenaged daughter, who is head-over-heels on a school stud. Dash, the naughty and loud, speed runner. And the last kid, who has a hair similar to Ananda Vikatan symbol. All these plus there is a buddy of Bob Parr named Frozone (rendered by Samuel Jackson) who is the positive Mr.Freeze of Batman and Robin.

If I am rambling this much about the storyline in an animated movie, it’s an accolade for the entire technical crew. Because, I’ve got over the fact that there are no real humans in the movie but computer rendered graphical shapes that is make-believe to be a human. The humans are nearly true to life. Their skin texture, their facial movements and their amazingly perfect shadows are all the magic of software run on Pixar’s computers. Robert Zemeckis and his team nearly perfected the art of shadowing two dimensional animation even in Who framed the Roger Rabbit? But then Pixar always makes a giant step and they keep perfecting the art. Having read Pixar’s biography in The Second coming of Steve Jobs it’s interesting to visualize the growth of Pixar in the animation industry. Pixar would continue to grow and their animation would become milestones for other aspiring animation factories.

The sets and the costume design are cleverly designed to be address reality and at the same be spectacular. The background score by is shockingly silent. Very refreshing because the visual effects gets are highlighted and noticed.

Brad Bird, the director of the movie, is also popularly know for his direction of The Simpsons and The Iron Giant (which I would love to watch), gets the entire credit. He gives due regard to the audience intelligence and hence makes you feel elated as the movie passes, unseamed.

As the movie title goes, it is an incredible watch except for the stereotyped climax. The movie thoroughly extends the borders of large-scale animation entertainment by engulfing the adults also to watch it. A phenomenal success this is.

50 thoughts on “The Incredibles movie review – Unbelievably Incredible (!)

  1. Elastagirl(voice by Helen Hunter) has an untypical role of savior and a mom with super powers
    I am really nitpicking here but it’s Elastigirl voiced by Holly Hunter.

  2. Eager to know of your opinion of Robert Zemeckis’ The Polar Express. And why haven’t you reviewed Kadhal yet?

  3. Have watched Kathal few days back. Just lazy about that.

    Loved the trailor specially because of Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks. But I hear that the movie isn’t doing well except the IMAX theatres. Might take a month before it’s released in chennai.

  4. Pixar started growing really fast when Lucas Arts started pumping in cash. George Lucas wanted his own Animation studio like Spielberg’s DreamWorks …so you know where the money frm Star Wars went….I came to know that the cost of one of those rendering babies is equal to the cost of 20 Mercs…

    If u liked the Incredibles, you will like CARS, the next pixar presentation coming March….

  5. Avaiz, You’re right about Lucas. But did you know that Pixar was a company started by George Lucas and he actually sold it off to Steve jobs for a peanut $10 million.

  6. The movie had a drastically different viewpoint. Most of the politically correct american media preach, ‘Everybody has their own special area and try to bring it out in a natural way to the society’. But, subtly this movie sounded, ‘If you have stuff, flaunt it, be arrogant about it’?

    My earlier post: Incredibles

  7. You said it – The Incredibles has been one incredible movie. Kudos to Pixar. But Pixar’s more successful film would be Finding Nemo – even if its more than a year old.

    If possible, get the retail DVD of it – which has extra features – which really show how much has gone into making a movie of such magnitude.

  8. Err..Dude..I don’t quite get the grammar of your first line. Polar Express not out in Chennai ? Tsk tsk..Btw, a random check before you post would be nice since there are so many typos – Zemeckis for example. Not nit-picking but the best Entertainment blog (I’ve voted for you) should get better 🙂

  9. I watched this movie in theatre , but felt the movie dragged a little bit . This movie is nowhere near top of the line Pixar classics “Toy Story” and “Toy Story 2” . I could just watch “TS” , “TS2” or “Finding Nemo” multiple times but “Incredibles” a big NO.

  10. True Mukundan. When compared to other movies of Pixar this one was a little dragging. But then I believe they have attempted to take animation movies beyond the defined scope in terms of storyline, screenplay and specially dialogues.

  11. Balaji, I agree with your observation on the moral of the movie. This is nothing but objectivism what Ayn Rand advocated. Rand’s Fountain Head was widely accepted. So should be this movie.

    Ofcourse there can be a debate on why objectivism ?.

  12. Did i miss yr review of ‘Kathal ‘ by any chance ??
    If you havent watched or reviewed it yet ,
    You are worst than these Bangalore Theatres owners ;-)) …

  13. Hmm, lovely. You have just persuaded me to see this wonderful film. It is such a big hit in UK that it was almost as if the Christmas and New Year was sponsored by this movie.

    BTW, I have seen “The Iron Giant”. It is an absolutely brilliant mix of 2D and 3D (for special effects) animation. The drama and humour have come out very well in this urban American story. Highly recommended!

  14. You should see “Final Fantasy – The Spirits Within” for some truly path breaking stuff with cgi animation. It also had greats such as Donald sutherland lend their voice to the film. Coming to the Incredibles – On the whole the film was good time pass. Graphics were on par with the best, though final fantasy was better in detailing its cgi animations. Id rather pay to see this than a poor hindi/tamil masala flick.

  15. How wonderful it is! Today, I had seen the film – “The Incredibles” this afternoon, My father also had seen this film in this evening. This cartoon movie is powered by Disney Company.
    In this film, I love the people’s sensation, scene, bugbears. The scene is so sublime.
    With the great imagination.

  16. How wonderful it is! Today, I had seen the film – “The Incredibles” this afternoon, My father also had seen this film in this evening. This cartoon movie is powered by Disney Company.
    In this film, I love the people’s sensation, scene, bugbears. The scene is so sublime.
    With the great imagination.

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