Profit for NDTV

NDTV, one of the unbiased and no-nonsense(personal opinion!!) news channel is moving ahead to the business arena. Their new 24 hour Business News channel, Profit, will start operating from Jan 17.

Business News Channels aren’t new to India. We have had TV-18 operating for a long time since now before getting merged with CNBC to make Indian oriented business news. Looks like TV-18 is also moving ahead with a full-time hindi business news channel by the next month. Zee Business, a business news channel in hindi is already up and running from November 2004 end.

Vikram Chandra, CEO of NDTV will also head the NDTV profit and I hope they will be television news portal for Indian Business within less than a year.

9 thoughts on “Profit for NDTV

  1. Hi,
    NDTV is not as neutral as you believe. There are rumours and strong allgations about uts links to Congress and left. In fact India Today and couple of other magazines publicly reported that NDTV and Prannoy Roy were one of the key forces behind NDA government’s fall in May elections.


  2. Hi Jaiganesh, They might have some links with Congress but that doesnt mean that Congress won due to them. Btw, Is Barkhak Dutt still with NDTV?


  3. For a commoner like me they look unbiased. Like I said it’s a personal opinion. But giving them a ‘key force’ status may just be a little too high. Don’t you think so ?


  4. I don’t think NDTV is linked to Congress and Left as suggested by Jaiganesh. But certainly its opinions at times tilt towards centre or centre-left. This I guess is because of some of the over enthusiastic reporters they have. They just go overboard at times. Still NDTV is one of the best presented News Channel in India. Headlined Today is catching up, but still way to go I guess…


  5. burkha is still there with ndtv – and in her coverage of the tsunami – she sensationalized(or tried to) the report so much with her “it could have been you or your relatives” stuff – it belittled the viewers sensitiveness / intelligence

    – just report the facts without bias (for rest we have blogs ! ;-))
    BBC that way was more professional


  6. NDTV is an entertainment channel guys. They make dramas out of every other news. Particularly people like Barkha Dutt, and “you know who” that guy. For them everything sells for money. I am very much surprised to hear that they are starting a *new* channel for Profit and Money . They are already doing it with NDTV, will Kargil sell for money, lets go there and make a drama. Will tsunami sell for money, lets be the first who make the drama and money. NDTV is an entertainment channel, which makes money by dramatizing the NEWS. And you think its unbiased, funny !!!.


  7. I think guys NDTV is not only pro-Congress but also anti-Sachin. When Sachin broke Sunny’s record, Sonali gave a long talk about how many centuries of those got a win for India. But life is not always winning either. A record means progress which should be applauded and not handpicked for trading insults or comments.



  8. hi !!!

    i really like ndtv and for those who want to bcome journalists like me,, can get a lot of inspiration from some gr8 reporters like burkha dutt and rajdeep sardesai. The news is good and the way of presentation is awesome….. im so inspired by it that i sometimes wish that i work for it!!!



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