Kaanom Pongal !!

That title wasn’t a spell mistake. Intended. It’s a day when people usually are out on the sea bathing, eating pannju mittai, going gala rounds on the raatinams, teens driving supersonic bikes with their girlfriends in the pillions and hiding faces with dupatta on the east coast road, people throwing ‘rastali’ bananas at the orangutangs in Vandalur and what not. Many of them were missing in action, today.

Was driving by the Marina shore today and to my surprise saw there were hardly anyone for the pongal celebrations on the beach. There wasn’t even the a crowd that comes down on a weekend. And as I took a ‘U’ turn on the war memorial and came back through the Napier bridge, just can’t beat the thought of Aayitha Ezhuthu climax scenes. Stopped the bike on a corner of the bridge, looked back at it and took off again. Drove along the Kamarajar salai to reach Santhome and then the Elliots beach. Hardly any crowd there at 5 pm. Gosh, couldn’t believe my sight. Went near the shore after parking the bike. Desperately wanted to touch the water but it was restricted today. The bajji stalls are now moved far from the shores and it looked that they were the ones seriously hit by Tsunami attack.

There was even very low turn-out on the Chennai Book Fair. Was roaming around from 12:00 to 3:00 in the noon and it wasn’t too crowded as the other day. Only on such a day you can leisurely browse books and also get a good glimpse of the fair. Leaving my outfits, I gave off everything else in the book fair for buying books. Now, I have to find a place in my house to arrange them.

Some book thats I bought today – 6 out-of-print books of Sujatha from Thirumagal Nilayam(mostly compilations of columns that he wrote for Kanayaazhi), Gnani’s Kandathai Sollugiren (columns that he wrote for India Today) and Sundara Ramaswamy’s Oru Puliyamarathin Kathai. Need to buy – S.Ramakrishan’s Ulaga Cinema(World Cinema) and Upa Pandavam, Ashokamithran Katuraigal, Aathmanaam Poetry, Jeyamohan’s shortstory collection and thousands of such nice ones. The bookfair will wind-up by tomorrow.

11 responses to “Kaanom Pongal !!”

  1. Hi.. dude..
    Enna Mattu pongal Enjoy Panniniya!!!
    So; still scribling with the same ferocity…
    and by the way I adored the Incredibles Review man…

    by the way, when I went for the Book fair after 5 pm.. it was a bit crowded only!!!Anyways… nothing much to look at in the Crowd though..


  2. Read in Aavi that Susi ganesan too has written a book ( forgot the title though ! ) . That should also interest you . Check out !


  3. “Need to buy – S.Ramakrishan’s Ulaga Cinema(World Cinema)”

    Guru is this by any chance the bygone era DD new reader? Just curious!!


  4. hi,
    i’m also in the same frequency. i read Oru Puliyamarathin Kathai and Upa Pandavam.”Oru Puliyamarathin Kathai” is the first novel which is directly translated to the “baraseegam”.but ‘JJsilakurippugal’ is his masterpiece.i had taken a long time to complete ‘Upa Pandavam’.it’s great and the way of writing is exellent.


  5. Guru (or others), can someone kindly tell me the publisher of Oru Puliyamarathin Kathai? Thanks in advance.