Tsunami Donations

If you are in India now, you probably would be donating stuff for Tsunami hit areas of Tamil Nadu and other countries through your corporate houses or your apartment buildings.

Making Tsunami donations to one common place can do all the good for the simple reason, the controlling body will make sure the money and the other donations recieved are shared across with victims uniformly. Hence, I personally believe that all donations collected by smaller organisations should be diverted to the PM or CM Relief Fund which will act as the controlling body in distribution of relief funds to the victims.

Just in case, you are outside India and wish to donate money to the Tsunami victims, see the PM’s National Relief Fund page for more details.

Rupya, a blog on stocks is accepting donations that originate from USA through Paypal.

Association for India’s Development, Inc. (AID), a US-based voluntary non-profit development organization is also collecting donations for Tsunami victims. Donate

The Hindu is also collecting donations online called The Hindu Relief Fund, which can be paid by credit cards. Donate.

A blog has been setup for the Tsunami relief called The SEA-EAT blog. It’s an effort to consolidate news and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts. [Via Kribs].

Update [31st Dec 2004] – Some more links to tsunami donation sites are added here.

Indian Red Cross Society. Indian Red Cross Society, National Head Quarters. Tele: 011-23716424 Fax: 011-23717454. Donate

American Red Cross Disaster Relief through Amazon.com. Donate.

Children account for one third of tsunami dead. UNICEF responds to disaster that struck Asia. Donate.

World Food Program. Donate.

2 responses to “Tsunami Donations”

  1. Heloshia Avatar

    I would also like to add another organisation which is collecting money for the Relief Fund http://www.aidindia.org. I am Chennai too and I used to think Chennai was the safest city.
    The incident has shaken us all.


  2. Rathnavel Avatar

    It is enough if someone donates on any of these these websites. Just for the records, I would like to add World VisIon India to the list as well.The URL is http://www.worldvisionindia.org


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