NY Times Photo-Essay on Indian Tsunami

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NY Times Photo-essay on the Tsunami that hit Chennai and the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu. Images of heartrending pain.

4 responses to “NY Times Photo-Essay on Indian Tsunami”

  1. I dont understand what thy( Yes, those, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center Hawai) mean by they could now pass on the Information to the countries which are not members of the organisation! Man, it sounds insane for me at this generation of communications. U had solid hours..U know the path the waves are gonna take and the countries that will be hit, U have measured the quake.. n thn u kept mum?! God, this is ridiculous..we couldve saved lots. well, is ther any value for human life?


  2. It has to be sad but warning where sent out. They just were to late and to the wrong people.
    It was discused within the last four months to set up a warning system in the Indian Ocean but going from that to a working system is light years away from preventing this.

    Peace with you and know that this is how we learn and move on. It is the saddest day of my 54 years.