Movable Type ya Blogger

After a year of moving from Blogger to Movable Type, it’s boring to look at this dumbo static interface of Movable Type. I intend to switch to a different blogging interface but the satanic Blogger keeps tempting me to come back. To honestly accept, I love the Blogger tool and desperately want to go back and use it.

One reason for me to get boring could be due to MT tool that is installed on my same domain and gives me a isolated feeling compared to which is a hub for bloggers. So when I am using blogger it gives me the true sense of blogging among bloggers. This could even be a bad-mood-weekend-rambling. Whatsoever, I can’t go back to blogger for the simple reason, I cannot import all my movable type entries by date into blogger. Also we don’t have a good tool to repoint all the links appropriately. Suggestions accepted !!

5 thoughts on “Movable Type ya Blogger

  1. Lazy,
    the second best thing about ur blog is the simple yet catchy layout. (The best thing’s the content, ofcourse!) 🙂

    Mebbe u cud freak out w/ ur layout one day, if ur in a mood for change. U’ll have no dearth of feedback from us. 🙂


  2. Thanks Ferrari dude and Magix guy. I Understand that funda of IAP(Ikkaraikku Akkarai Pachchai),Prabhu. but can’t avoid for being envious of blogger users.

    And Curses you said it. Will do a little tweaking to layout and your comments will freakout 😉


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