Ravi K Chandran goes Black

[Pic : Rediff]

Ravi K Chandran’s interview to Rediff on Sanjay Leela Bhansali‘s Black is passionate. He talks and talks about Bhansali at length and why the film Black is so special to him. Ravi says that handling camera for Black as the most important event in his film career until now.

Black starring Amitabh and Rani Mukherjee[Yo!!] is Bhansali’s sentimental way of looking at a blind girl’s life. The promos on the television are very classy and a perfect example of how Bollywood films have elevated themselves to Hollywood standards in promotion[Just promotion, I said].

Ravi K Chandran also talks about the dilemma he had in choosing to handle camera for Aayitha Ezhuthu and Black. His next project with Shahrukh Khan is being directed by a favorite of mine. Amol Palekar.

6 responses to “Ravi K Chandran goes Black”

  1. Prabhu Avatar

    When I was in pune I have seen Amol Palekar many a times. Once I spotted him with Nasrudin shah and managed to have tea with them 🙂


  2. venkat Avatar

    Sorry for digressing a bit… Couldnot contain myself going on a tangent when I saw the mention about SRK in this post…

    Just read the review of Swades and pretty harsh on the director, comparing the film to documentary shown just prior to the films in theatre and 3 hour moral instruction class. However, SRK / ARR (as usual…) and noble intention of the movie have been appreciated !!!


  3. Jaiganesh Avatar

    Speaking of Ravi K.Chandran, I am reminded of some strange chain of events.
    1. Ravi.K.Chandran films Shankar’s Boys, but is unable to complete the movie and is completed by Manikandan.
    2. Manikandan films Shankar’s Anniyan and again is unable to complete and the movie is now being filmed by Ravi Verman.

    Interesting point to note , both Ravi.K.Chandran and Manikandan left shankar for Bollywood movie!!!
    Cool Ain’t it???


  4. unni Avatar


    After seeing Black,I say ; its a good movie.Extraordinary is the camera work by Ravi K Chandran.
    As the movie is about a deaf and dumb girl, offcourse its packed with emotional scenes.(an attempt has been made to reach Oscar standard…but a long way to go !(I didnt see a work of artistic genius in the movie )
    All the actors have done a good job especially the lady who acted as Heroin’s mother.


  5. deepak varma Avatar
    deepak varma

    Ravi k chandran will count among the best cinematographers among the world. Just check out all his frames in ‘black’. They are stunning to say the least and quite unlike you have seen anything on indian cinema. Notice how he has created a black – blue – grey – golden hue to his frames to give the film an international feel.I just cannot let go all the frames where the actors faces are bathed in light golden set against black blue shades.All the frames are worthy of praise. I just cannot pick any favourites. But still watch out the scene at the beginning when michelle looks up and feels the falling snowflakes on her way to the church. No i give up because all the frames following this are equally good. Just go and soak in this visual beauty!


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