Mani, SAS Blogs and Yahoo

Mani Ratnam back with full enthusiasm in Chennai . Sify reports that the next project would be with newcomers, starting April 2005. [Via Praveen].

The Unofficial SAS Weblog. Business intelligence provider SAS , the world’s largest private software company has an unofficial weblog. Its blogged by Ted Conway, SAS camper for the past 20 years. Lots of intresting stuff outa there especially for Business Intelligence entusiasts.

Jon Meacham’s cover column on News Week named, The Birth of Jesus creates controversy. Gets debunked heavily in the blogosphere. Read more on The Year of the Blog.

Chennai finally goes YAHOO!!

8 responses to “Mani, SAS Blogs and Yahoo”

  1. Raj Avatar

    Awaiting for ur next endeavor fervently!! Come back ASAP


  2. vinod Avatar


    Few day back U wrote about LIC’s new DWH and now about SAS blog. Just curious to know, are u working in the data warehousing/BI stream?

    BTW, ur blog rocks! I have been a regular vistor for nearly a year but writing a comment for the first time.. I am nearly addicted to this blog..


  3. Raj Avatar

    I concur with Vinod.I became such an addict that i check for updates more that twice a day!Kudos to LG.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar
    Lazy Geek

    Thanks Vinod and Raj. And Vinod, you got it right.I am in the DWH/BI stream but blogging about that here is because I am addicted to the capabilities of BI that can look beyond the obvious. A BI enthusiast in short but isn’t that naming yourself.


  5. Raj Avatar


    It will be a great honour to me if u add my blog in your links section(if u feel, its worth it ;-).


  6. Sowmya Avatar

    Thanks for pointing the SAS blog. Being a BI enthusiast myself, its good to see such blogs.


  7. Raj Avatar

    Hey Geek thanks a lot for adding me 🙂


  8. Prabhu Avatar

    April 2005 new movie launch. Wow. Thats the nice we wanted to hear.
    By the way April 2005 has movies from Rajni, Kamal, Vijay, Vikram, Ajith, Surya, Chimbhu and Vijayakanth. Super new year for tamil movie fans