Happy Birthday Dude !! – Steven Spielberg

[Pic: Intercom with spielberg’s signature ]

The passion for storytelling, the passion for being highly imaginative and the passion for delivering films with a sense of belonging can be attributed only to Steven Spielberg. As a kid, he was probably my first biggest inspiration for the wonderworld of films. If I could recall one instance of becoming an addict to cinema it has to be Spielberg’s E.T. For me, a kid on 3rd grade, watching a film’s story expand beyond boundaries of imagination and touch hearts despite dealing with a weird looking alien was sheer magic. And Extra Terrestrial still remains a magic till day, even after 22 years after its release.

From then, I have closely watched most of Steven Spielberg‘s movies with a sense of belonging. As though he was a friend teaching me the art of movie making. And never, never he has left me down with his movies. Even my favorite Indian Spielbergs have left me down in a couple of places failing to impress.

Having watched even the not-so-commercial movies like Schindler’s List and Amistad in the dark and hot cinema halls of Chennai, like crazy, I can rather write a full length analysis on Spielberg and his dimension of movie making. Thats certainly not the point. Having watched his movies so damn well, I still can’t guess what would be his next venture. Just like the how he made Catch Me If You Can after the techical wizardry in Minority Report.

Though we know Tom Cruise starring War of the Worlds[Trailer, must see], based on HG Wells sci-fiction, is set to release the summer of 2005, I can’t wait more to watch it.

Spielberg loves to quote, “The only time I’m totally happy is when I’m watching films or making them”. While he is turning 58 today, the movie lovers of the world would join together and wish him a filmy birthday. We don’t have to hope for better films from him. He loves the movies more than the movie lovers themselves.

Happy Birthday Spielberg!!

14 responses to “Happy Birthday Dude !! – Steven Spielberg”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Vaazhtha vayadhillai. Enave vanangugiren. Happy Birthdya dude


  2. Ajay Avatar

    Speaking about ET, its adapted remake “Koi…Mil Gaya” made good business even after so many years is a standing evidence of the most talented & innovative Director of the free world!

    Spielberg…a benchmark for a director.. GBU..


  3. Ajay Avatar

    An offbeat message..

    This link may interest you: Rahman unplugged..

    There’s another chip off the ARR’s bloc… this new music director is/was ARR’s sound engr. and asst. His name is Joshua Sridhar. The album that speaks about him is : “Kadhal” [Dir: Balaji Sakthivel of Samurai fame and Produced by his guru: Shankar!]


  4. spidey Avatar

    dont know how to pass these to you. hence posting here.

    good that the law is coming down heavily on these guys.




  5. sat Avatar

    The trailer for the “War of the Worlds” is just too good.

    Having read the original story already (surprisingly during one of my finals at college), I just cant wait to see the full feature film and to see how much has changed.

    He IS one of the greatest persons around.


  6. Manoj Avatar

    Expecxting your take on ‘Swades’…going by the reviews it seems ppl are hell-bent on dexclaring the movie a flop.


    The reference of Rahman’s musixc as Fast-forward type goes to show the level of these reviewers.


  7. Rama Avatar

    War of the worlds was adapted by the prodigal genius orson wells as a radio play in the 30’s.He took it to such great heights of realism in that early years of radio and film that people in america were sent in a frenzy and thought that the earth was invaded by martians.Thousands of people started buying end of the world supplies and some were even reported to have jumped out of their buildings out of fear.He later on went on to make citizen kane which still remains in the top 10 all time great movie lineup of most lists.
    Also spielbergs first film “duel” is now available on DVD for those who havent seen this gripping road movie.


  8. Nilu Avatar

    Hey Lazy,
    I have waited long enough for your review on 7G….I am really curious on your take at what I think splits the society down the middle.


  9. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Ajay – Thanks for that Kathal info and pointer.

    Spidey – Thanks for that and I hope it applies to other spammers too.

    Manoj – Wantd to see Swades this weekend. Got postponed however. I am tempted between Incredibles and Swades.

    Rama – Didn’t know this Orson Wells tivia. Good one.

    Nilu – I have been wanting to write it since the first week of the movie release. Will do it.


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