Kamalhassan’s Confessions of the Assassin

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Kamalhassan, in his interview to The Hindu, makes a mention of Hey Ram‘s english version called Confessions of the Assassin. He leaves it to the assumption if it’s a remake or a dubbed version. But to read between/upon/downunder the lines, it looks like its a re-make. I hate to make this assumption because it could very well be a dubbed version. However, he says it been made on a limited budget and he is in agreement that Hey Ram should have been made on a shoestring budget.

Personally, I think, Hey Ram is one of the most stupendous movies he ever made. It had to it many abstract theologies that he advocated without being obvious and he did a good job of making it in big budget. Just because the movie failed in the box-office none[including him] can think it could have been made with a tight budget. Kamal along with Bharath Shah[who produced it in Hindi] did spend a huge lump of money for Hey Ram. However, the portrait of Sagetharam which he weaved so lavishly was definetly worth it.

Hey Ram had some superb talent to it. Be it Kamalhassan himself, Illayaraja who orchestrated the music for Hey Ram in Hungary, Thiru who did a great camera work, Shahrukh, Rani and many more.

If this Confessions of the Assassin could get a good notice in Hollywood, like Bend it like Beckham, Kamal’s long term dream of Marudhanayagam has chance to get a re-birth.

Incidentally, he also mentions Marudhanayagam while saying, It is a nice movie that has to be released in Tamil, English and French. My investment of Rs. eight crore is totally blocked. It should happen very soon. Read more from his interview, No stopping him.

9 responses to “Kamalhassan’s Confessions of the Assassin”

  1. hari Avatar

    how did i know that u will be writing about this article in hindu – as soon i saw the article in hindu ?


  2. latha Avatar

    Here’s wishing kamal all the very best for his Marudanayagam… one project which a whole lot of his die hard fans are waiting for… Hey Ram is worth remaking in all languages, but it remains to be seen if it will make the same kind of an impact amongst a foreign audience…..remember, we have a personal and emotional reason to relate to the movie….


  3. aNTi Avatar

    Coincidentally, I saw Hey Ram finally last night and was gonna write about it today. Looks like I might have to hold it a bit 🙂


  4. Srihari Avatar

    i was greatly excited after seeing this on metro plus… and was not able to shun my anxieties on this movie “confessions of the assassin” and searched on the net for the whole day yesterday (yeah… it appeared on metro plus of 21st september metro plus in bangalore.. but on 22nd sept in chennai metro plus. it was as if it was published by accident. coz there was no such link in the bangalore metro plus on the net in http://www.hindu.com). today morn i was surprised to see it in chennai hindu.
    at last found a link pertaining to this!!
    phew!! too much of digression..

    anyways, guys.. do u have any idea on where to buy hey ram screenplay copy which once was available in market??
    – an ardent kamal haasan fan


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Anti, Go ahead. Now you can make two versions of your review.

    Srihari, Hey Ram screeplay is very well available in the market. Its 200 bucks and available at landmark and other bookstores across madras.

    Let me know if you are unable to locate it, I do have a copy of it, but I need to get it back from a friend of mine in trichy 😉


  6. Prabhu Avatar


    Kamals next movie is a thriller called KG. It is being jointly produced by Rajkamal films and Bharat Shah. Very surprising. Not much media glare for this.


    Can we expect another kurudhipunal kind of movie?


  7. Nithya Avatar

    I have been a frequent reader in your blog for sometime now, and you really keep your blog alive and interesting.
    I also feel Hey Ram is one of the best movies in recent times. But it has not appreciated so much. It was a commercial failure and it was not much critically acclaimed also, i feel. I don’t know why there is this neglect for one of the most touching movies on non-violence.
    And do see my own blog at http://www.bnithiya.blogspot.com


  8. Priya Avatar

    Hey Ram was another milestone in kamal’s career.even if it was dubbed or remade or whatever, I thought it was a great movie.Its amazing to see Kamal’s versatility in this movie also. As always, the Kamal-Ilaiyaraja combo did wonders in that movie


  9. Ram Avatar

    reg. “Hey!Ram”…

    One of the oft-mentioned complaints about “Hey! Ram” was that it had too many non-Tamil lines (without sub-titles) and that it baffled the average Joe (or for our Thamizhargall, the average Raamsaami!).

    But, one of the things that left me surprised(spoiler ahead) on a recent viewing was that at the end of the movie, I hardly felt a tinge of emotion when the Saket Ram character dies. Sure, Kamal Hasan’s face beautifully reflects the contrition of the character in that brief shot in the bathroom mirror but…

    Any explanations/alternate views on this?



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