Chennai Bloggers Fly High

Today’s Hindu spotlights on Chennai Bloggers and their Blogs in an article named Here, the possibilities are mind-blogging. Karthik Subramanian writes – The proliferation of broadband brings good tidings for the future, bloggers say. There will be voice blogs, video blogs … the possibilities are mind-boggling. Or should we say “mind-blogging”.

Kribs and Chandra Choodan alongwith others get a warm mention. Read More.

6 thoughts on “Chennai Bloggers Fly High

  1. I think it’s unfair that karthik made no mention of your blog. I am wondering why they didn’t make a note of your blog especially when
    1) You live in chennai
    2) You write about chennai most of the time.
    3) Host Google Ads (God! who thought that could catch the media’s fancy?)

    The only possibility is..I guess..they called u but you failed to make it to the interview. Is it so?


  2. Thanks for that KG. I think it’s because I wasn’t there for the interview. CC said he tried to reach me a day before and inform me about the interview.

    But no harm, it’s well established that Chennai Bloggers rock. We rock very well, indeed.


  3. Hey Lazygeek,
    Yes, this is me who missed you out from my article. You know, sometimes it happens … but hey, there is always a next time.

    Any i just starting blogging. Keep a watch on

    I am amazed at some of the responses I am getting. Will do better next time.


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