Katha Kelu Katha Kelu

Last evening, while me and my friend were yapping on tamil cinema, we stumbled over a question on good title songs in tamil cinema. While it’s no more a fad to have songs in the title, we have had many good numbers as title songs in the yester years. Both of us, spontaneously, could recollect only four good title songs. The first was the good Illayaraaja number Katha Kelu from Michael Madana Kama Rajan then it was Kaathal Kasakuthaiya Indiran Vandadum Chandiran Vandadum from Pandiyarajan’s Aan Paavam, Amman Koil Kezhakaaley from Sakalakala Vallavan and finally A R Rahman‘s Vellai Pookal from Kannathil Muthamittal.

Though there were few more like the one in Panakaaran, Manithan and other MGR/Sivaji stuff, these four were the ones that came to our mind without much thought. If only you can re-collect three good title songs from tamil cinema, thanks for that. No Googling, no Raaga no nothing. Sheer memory.

P.S – If only you can get three, you get a gmail invite. Hey, I hear you whispering THODAA. But guys, if not for the invite, be game and give it a shot.

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  1. Lazy,

    It is not Kaathal Kasakuthaiya from Pandiyarajan’s Aan Paavam. The title song in Aan Paavam is “Indiran Vandadum Chandiran Vandadum Inda Cinema than”


  2. Lazy,

    I am very sure both are different songs. Kaathal Kasakuthaiya is a song which Pandiya Rajan dance in a Set. Where as “Indiran Vandadum Chandiran Vandadum Inda Cinema than” is a title song in which they show villagers getting tickets and entering into During Talkies to see some MGR /Shivaji movies. Hope you remember that V.K.Ramasamy is the theatre owner and father of hero in that movie


  3. Hi

    I think ‘Akkam pakkam paarada chinna raasa” from Unnal mudiyum thambi is a good candidate too.



  4. CG Naina,

    Can’t recollect. Beat my damed memory. As of what i remember this song was in the title with Paandiya raajan with a red shirt with a group of people.

    These are the lines in charanam of that song..

    Kitappa vandha kalathila
    Kaayatha Kaanagathey
    P.U Chinnappa vandha kalathila
    Kaadhal Kanirasamey

    Manmada Leelai MKT Kalathila
    Nadaya Idhu Nadaya…
    Namma Nadigar Thilagam Bhaaniyiley
    Hello Hello Sugama
    Aamaa Neenga Nalama
    Eppothum Thaan kettom
    Annan MGR Paatukkala

    Man, I tried to recollect this so much. and don’t tell me I’m wrong again crazy 😉


  5. Of course, you cant forget the immortal theme that flows through the titles of Mouna Raagam … interestingly it is a slideshow of Revathy’s photos…

    Then there is Thenpaandi Seemaiyile from youknowwhichmovie.

    Maniratnam uses the titles to tactfully move the story ahead…that is probably stuff for a different post though!


  6. Glad that ‘Vellai Pookkal’ got a mention. Even some of the ardent fans of ARR forget to mention it while talking about his best compositions. And what a voice! I never knew ARR was capable of singing anything except his high pitched ‘Humma Humma’ type of songs.


  7. Kirthika, Why would you say ardent fans of ARR forget Vellai Pookal. I for one has mentioned it properly 😉

    Vijay, Mouna Raagam was more of a theme rather than a song. Agree that it will beyond times. And you nayagan song was cool mention. am suddenly starting to realise Mani Ratnam has more title songs than i remembered. Thalapathy Chinna thaayaval was one as it was mentioned in the comments below and now the nayagan song. Good one.


  8. Kalyana malai kondadum – Puthu Puthu arthangal
    Yethetho ennam – Punnagai mannan
    Maha Ganapathim – SIndhu Bhairavi


  9. Most of RV udhayakumar’s films had good title songs
    Kannu pada – Chinna kounder
    Yejaman Kaaladi – Yejaman
    Aadi pattam – Ponnumani


  10. I watched Aan Paavam yesterday. It’s title song is “Indiran Vandadum Chandiran Vandadum Inda Cinema than”. Kaathal Kasakuthaiya comes way into the movie.


  11. “Sevaanam Vetkam Kondathu” (Srinivas) from “Poovellaam Kaetupaar”

    “Thaayin Mani Kodi Solludhu JaiHind” from “Jaihind”

    Does anyone remember the titles of “Suriyan?” (Saratkumar)? I remember seeing some patriotic song…??

    reg. “Kaadhal Kasakuthaiyyaa,” the last paragraph of the song has some very funny lines:

    “Indha Kaala Ilaignar Seiyyum Kaadhalukku
    Illayaraja Endhan Paatirukku
    Veetula Adha Paadunga
    Pondaatiya Love Pannunga
    Namma Thagappan Paecha, Thaayin Paecha Madhikkanum
    Neeyaaga Penn Thaeda Koodathu Enakindha Kaadhal…

    Yes, “Kalyana Maalai” does figure in the titles of “Pudhupudhu Arthangall”



  12. “Velakku vecha nerathile” from “Mundhanai mudichu”
    “Raajanodu Rani vandhu” from “Sathi leelavathi”
    “Yedhedho ennam” from “Punnagai Mannan”


  13. Karthek, I give up. You guys must be right. Will update the post accordingly. should that be fine.

    Interesting ones Ram. I do really love that song and thats why i striked me first. Illayraj’s voice was super-dooper.

    Satish, Maha Rajanodu Rani vandu wasn’t on the title. I think I am sure.


  14. I beleive you have hindered the old memories of people. I am saying this on seeing the overwhelming comments for this post.


  15. “Kadhal Rojave” from ‘Roja’
    “Uyirin Uyire…” from ‘Kaakha Kaakha’.
    “Mazhai thuli” from ‘Sangamam’

    Other good titles from songs:
    “Enmel Vizhundha Mazhai Thuliye” from ‘May Madham’
    “Pudu Kaadal KaalamIdhu” from “Pudukottai..Sarav”
    “Poongaatru Pudhidaanadhu” from ‘Moondram Pirai’
    “Elangaathu Veesuthey” from ‘Pitamagan’
    “ilamai ennum poongatru”….forgot the movie..Raja’s composition I guess


  16. Ajay – I think you are confused.. We are talking about title songs here..i.e. songs which appear in the beginning of the film along with the movie titles,credits,etc..not songs with good titles…


  17. If I remember right, one of Balachanders’ movies – “Oru Veedu, Iru Vasappadi” had a title with really good visuals and pertinent music…

    Or was it?


  18. “Oru Veedu Iru Vaasal” didnt have any songs, as far as I can remember.

    Among KB’s films, the aforementioned “Kalyaana Maalai” from “Pudhupudhu Arthangall” is one of the very best…

    Also check out the “Vannam Konda Vennilavey” song from “Sigaram”–its a haunting melody (composed and rendered by the inimitable SPB) that provides a fitting start to this profound movie.


  19. I think I have scored a goal or atleast a home run with this one: “Vik-Roam, naan vettripettravan, imayam thotruvittavan …”, the super-techno opening of the movie ‘Vikram’!!


  20. Ram/Narayanan, You are smashing sixers all around dudes. Rams mention of that sigaram song is a great number os SPB, pretty tough for a song to singtoo ’cause the charanam is lengthy.

    AshokR, you home run still remains. you got one.

    And Sathish to got all three with his Marupadiyum song.


  21. Did 16 Vayathinile have a title song?? Somehow, I have the feeling that it might have been an nice rustic melody….

    And hey Lazy, I think you must give the gmail invites out to the two guys who mentioned Endrendrum Punnagai and Vikram, just for the strength of those numbers…

    And btw, is this post among the most commented ones you’ve ever made???


  22. Wowww… almost all the good ones have been already mentioned but i think the following ones set the tone nicely for the rest of the movie..they may not have been chartbusters but they are more my favorites

    Kadalula ezhugire alaigala – Sembaruthi
    Aalolam Paadi – Aavaram Poo

    Btw isnt “Paarthen Paarthen” the title track also of the movie Paarthen Rasithen ??


  23. Maharajan – I’ve been flamed badly during the Bala-Sethu controversy. Even Anti had mentioned that in one of his post and he burnt his fingers there. So there a couple of instances before this like this.

    And as you have said both the Alai Payuthey/Vikram are great mention. eventually both are amazing numbers that could stand over time.


  24. Jupee Ram, Great mentions. BTW, Parthen Rasithen doesn’t sport a title song. A pallavan bus animated and fair & lovely [who is on of the sponsors of the movie] advertisement are see on the titles background.


  25. vellai pookal is a master piece among all title songs if u ask me..as i type this, im listening to it..mani’s classical way of presenting a title song..wow..the way the bulb dims and glows again as a bomb explodes elsewhere when pregnant shama(nanditha das) having her dinner with her brother depicts the horrifying nature of war amidst your daily chores..mani ..simply at his best


  26. Here is my list of songs

    1) Uyirum Neeaye from Priyakna
    2) Kalamellam Kadhal Vazhga from Kadhal Kottai
    3) Idhu sangeetha thirunaalo from Kadhalukku mariyathai
    4) Endrendrum punnagai from Alaipayuthey

    and many more


  27. Karthik, was that sethu song on the title.

    Sumitha, that karuthamma song was a good mention. the other two were mentioned before but this one is amazing number with bharathiraja’s voice and ARR on the keys.


  28. Yes, the “Annan Sethuvukku…” song from “Sethu” does figure in the simple titles (white text against a plain background).


  29. didnt have the patience to go thru everyone’s blog, but if someone already mentioned it-pls ignore mine-
    Magalir Mattum was a good one-altho now, I dont remember if it was a title song or appeared at intervals in the movie

    Vellai Pookal was a good one as Lazy mentioned

    also from Sathi Leelavathi-Ethanai vagai, ethanai vakai


  30. I didn’t read everyones input, but I think these two are among the best title songs..
    Enna Satham from Punnagai Mannan and
    Vilakku Vaikkum nerathilae from Munthanai Mudichu


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