Barkha Dutt and her time-out crib

Barkha Dutt

Barkha is highly impressive with a mike in her hand. The comparable Christiane Amonpour of India. One of the stalwarts of NDTV and also a household name in Indian news. For the kind of fabulous reporting she does on NDTV she can just walk away with the best news correspondent award every year.

I’ve been a fan of her talk show We The People for a couple of years. We the People focuses on the hot topics of the contemporary political and social scene in India. She manages to get the best of minds appropriate to the topic selected and she definitely does a good job in forking the time/space between the opposites in the show. Its a show that will grow on you and you would even street fight with your folks to get hold of the remote on Sunday evenings. The same time Kushboo does the Jackpot show on Jaya TV and hence the street fight.

Last week, the topic on the hottest and very concerning topic of Reservation of Jobs in Private Sector. Thats enough to rake up the show. From Dalit activists to sociology professors, there were more than enough chief guests carefully selected to deal this rather very sensitive topic.While the group churned out some nice points on both sides[for/against reservation], I loved what GurCharan Das had to say.

GurCharan Das, the former CEO of Procter & Gamble, also a leading columnist in Times of India, answered to a query of giving away 2% of all the private companies profits to backward caste students, thereby enabling the government to start more schools for the backward castes. GurCharan remarked, why would the backward caste guys get public education even when the private sector contribute so much to the education. He said the private sector would surely give away more than 2% of their profits and those students who are from backward classes should be allowed to study in any school they feel like. Be it the Dhoon school to the Don Bosco they should be given the best of education. A reply with lots of foresight. He is certainly one visionary.

Back to point, Barkha Dutt seems to be too bothered about the time running away and literally cuts short some interesting conversations between the guests. That seems to be dull side of the show. If a guest comes over to the show, he should be given ample time to convey his ideas and also he needs time to talk against his counterparts ideas. Rather it seems like Barkha conducts a GD interview and the one who interrupts at the right time with the right stuff gets full scores. With the show being such a hit on NDTV why would those guys at NDTV crib so much to extend the show to an hour and half. Instead of the same news getting repeated every half hour, this one is better alternative. Would Barkha/NDTV get it done ?

Barkha Dutt – A Profile.
Her Interview to The Tribune.

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  1. gates Avatar

    “Rather it seems like Barkha conducts a GD interview and the one who interrupts at the right time with the right stuff gets full scores.”

    Fully agree with u. I stopped watching programs such as Big Fight and We the People for prcisely the same reason. The arguments are not comprehensive enough due to the lack of time. It makes me feels as if the anchor and the program is given more importance than the issue at hand.


  2. sat Avatar

    Barkha who?


  3. K.Shyam Avatar

    hey Guru;
    Ask anyguy from indian army and he will have nothing but venom for this lady.It seems she entered kashmir after getting permission that she will highlight the plight of the armed forces and the villagers.
    A year passed and she just changed.It seems she started potraying the armed forces guys as villians of the piece.
    The army guys contend that when the enemy is absolutely faceless there will be some collateral damage.
    I just wanted to let you know about this !


  4. Pooja Kulkarni Avatar
    Pooja Kulkarni

    Hats Off! to Barkha Dutt & the NDTV team for their shows like We the People & Big Fight.

    But I strongly opine that you guys can cut short on repitive news headlines & give in more time for the peolpe making strong remarks in such shows which makes these shows go on….
    A day wont be far away when people think that the anchor & his team is more important than the Issue or people participating.- hope u take this issue at hand.


  5. arnav Avatar

    east opr west barkha is the best. barkha you are the best. i salute you. you are sachin tendulkar of journalism


  6. venkat Avatar

    I think barkha is trying to hog the limelight too much.I was watching some reports on the tsunami and was disgusted at the kind of handwaving and headshaking that was going on.I can understand that they’ve struck gold here…so much of bad news…but really one feels nauseated when reporter after reporter from ndtv came up with their own cute sob story..the worst of the lot is a specimen called jyotsna mohan…I couldn’t believe it when I heard her one day saying “the deaths from the tsunami disaster has now crossed 10,000! and people are expecting that number to go up every second!” ..she was jumping all over the place .. it was more like she was reporting on the stock market than any disaster… dunno which moron puts these people in front of the camera.


  7. priyanka dube Avatar
    priyanka dube

    Barkha is a woman of substance doing her job the way she is expected to , i must say no one who wants to hog limelite will go and stand amidst bombshelling and an actual war when you can do it right here in your comfortable studios blabbering abt how you respect the armymen and their deeds, and as far as ndtv and its glamourisation is concerned ,itwas one channel that had live coverage of the tsunami victims and their plight by our very own barkha who was on the scenes while some other channels were shamelessly portraying the hoopla of new year celebrations.
    barkha and NDTV way to go.


  8. venkat Avatar

    she was in a bunker for goodness sake not in the midst of any bombshelling ! maybe in the periphery…. I agree that she’s very eloquent and has a sharp intellect ..she’s on the ball alright but I also think shes been guilty of glamorising her job in the past…I think shes toned down a bit recently..perhaps she read what I posted I have to come to rajdeep sardesai …I have never seen a more pathetic wimp than this feel really sick when you see him time and again kissing lalloo prasad yadav’s ass and laughing away to glory (by the way his laugh seems more like a pig snorting away) and then move to a ‘safe location’ and give the audience the real state of affairs in bihar.he gets intimidated as easily as a little girl….I know he’s been abused a lot by bal thackrey and narendra modi but that’s the job … if you aint got the ticker to ask the tough questions ..bugger off and you should see him on ‘the big fight’ where he is like “oh please, why dosent everybody do what is right” crying like a baby..he’s gotta lot to learn maybe he should talk to Tim Sebastien the interviewer at BBC’s hardtalk programme.. anyway I think barkha dutt seems to have some more balls than rajdeep sardesai when it comes to asking the politicians the questions that matter


  9. charu Avatar

    What i feel is that , no doubt Barkha Dutt is the pioneer in the world of journalism .But it would also not be wrong if i say that , these channels are bringing the journos to limelight rather than the news. The news get marginalised somewhere , behind the comments of these people.



  10. nairwita dutta Avatar
    nairwita dutta

    i think barkha you are doing a great job. hope you will carry on with this. you are youth icon and will remain so forever.


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