Vasool Raja, a family meet and my weekend laundry list

Apart from the Seemandams, Kai murukku & Therattipaal featuring Nichayatharthams and mega Kalyanams, there aren’t many occasions when we tend to have a family meet. How about a family meet in a movie. Though the family cannot actually talk in length about which athai-payyan got wed locked or which onnu-vitta-chitappa got a golden handshake, the family can actually laugh together. Ok, Ok, I’m trying to agree myself to this with these excuses.

While the beach or a common house maybe the exact location for a family meet, someone has to prepare Pulliyotharai, arrange litres and litres of filter coffee and all this might actual end up in dozens of cribs and complaints. Hence, we planned a family watch of Vasool Raja MBBS. Two common grounds on Vasool Raja. Most Athais and mammis like Kamalhassan. Two, Laughter is something that we long for in this fast fast (!!) food culture. The plan is shaping out. Let’s see.

Who said Chennai isn’t happening? The weekend has more than enough things happening in Chennai.

a) Three movies that I’m interested, Vasool Raja MBBS, Kyun Ho Gaya Na and the Asimov inspired I, Robot are out this week.

b) The Hindu Metro Plus sponsored Life Style show is at the Chennai Trade centre opens today with Shobana featuring on the opening day. Hindu also has a eight page detailed supplement of what’s up on the show and it promises to be much better than the other life style shows in the city.

c) Lalith Kala Academy has a photography exhibition on the architecture of American roadside motels, bars and clubs. A promo on the television yesterday was cool and did interest a lot. These photographs have been taken over the last two decades clearly showing the growth in the ideas and architectural styles.

d) The Landmark quiz, one of the biggest open quiz shows in the country is on the 15th in the Music Academy. If you are someone who hates quiz, here is the program, just for you. And if you are not inspired still, I have no clue.

There goes my laundry list of weekend to-do’s. The target it atleast 70% of them. Movies can be postponed not the shows. Right.


  1. Bangalore la indha weekend padam release aagalaye 😦 tsk tsk. Adutha vaaram dhaan release aagaradhu :-((

  2. Hi Geek,
    Yes this weekend as you say lots of things are going to happen in Chennai. All of them enjoy…..after tiresome week. -;)

    As kriuba says. please do list out the famous events that are planned on weekends. so that ur blog becomes one stop place to refer all the hot hot events!!! that are taking place in Chennai.

  3. Bad news for bangalore tamilians. Kannada film industry has threatened to go on strike if non-kannada movies are released same day. Hence the Karnataka Film Chamber has bowed to their request and there will be a 8 week gap betn release date and bangalore release date :-((

    Thiruttu VD thygarajan ubayam dhaan 🙂

  4. Maams, it would be cool if you can list out the interesting city events like you’ve done here.

    Kribs – just continuing on the same note as you :-).
    Lazy – especially your family reunion with your athtais and mamis – I would love to be part of that :-).

  5. Like ‘The Landmark’ people boast about, August 15th is ‘Landmark Quiz day’ in Chennai. Last year, there were 1700 odd teams (teams, mind you) participated. Y’day I was at Landmark to register and trust me, within three days of publication of the advertisement,(All it said was, ‘Grey Matters’ 🙂 ) five hundred odd teams had registered already! No other quizzing contest is Fun!

  6. Lifestyle show promises to be a great one. It would also be a treat to watch Shobana 🙂

  7. Hi All, esp. Geek,

    Those who want to enjoi the lifestyle show, pls plan in advance and come to my house which is so nearby for a cup of Coffee and bit of talk. With family is most welcome and bacholors and mosquitos…u r also welcome. Call me before u come and we all will go and have fun over there.


  8. Hi SHiva,
    Thanks for your invite. But as a mosquito I am already present in your home & sip the coffee what you have daily. so you can avoid inviting me for coffee since, for me you & your home are my host to live. Anyway Mr.SHiva ennai vazhavaikum thivum(Daily allowing me to drink drop of coffee from your cup) nanri azaithathuku.

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