Hey Goodbye Nanba!! – A Refreshing Dip

hey goodbye nanba


Blame me for the double standards. I’m one among the few millions who are hell bent to have no songs in tamil movies because they interrupt the story telling. But yesterday, after a tiring day at work I reached home when the whole of chennai was watching Metti Oli. Thanks to the stars and satellites, among the ‘n’ to the power 2 channels available, someone played Hey GoodBye Nanba from Aayitha Ezhuthu. It was enchanting to watch Sidharth and Trisha running around the beach amidst the dirty sand on a sunny day.

Starting with a top angle akela crane shot, the camera swirls down to land on Sidharth who is half lying on the boat and then it pans on to trisha who whistles as she wears those goggles. With split second, the shot cuts into the next one where the camera is half-immersed in the water and both of them lie on a canal boat with their life jackets. And as they dive into the water, the camera too goes down into water for a moment and comes back, leaving a feeling that the audience themselves getting dipped in the water. With the A R Rahman‘s music in the background so jiving, Shankar Mahadevan shouting his heart out coupled with Sunitha Sarathy, Lucky Ali and Karthik, Hey Good Bye Nanba is a delight to watch.

It’s throughly a refreshing experience especially for someone who wants to chill-out. Mani Ratnam shares his credit with the entire tech team, for the song’s picturisation was in tune with Vairamuthu‘s and AR Rahman‘s musical efforts. Should I still crib about having ‘good’ songs in Tamil movies ? Thank god, we still have songs in tamil movies, else we would have been bored with just the sub-intellectual indy pop. There are exceptions too in Indy Pop. Anyway, read the first line of the post, again.

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  1. Geek….

    I am very lazy..illiterate…after long long yrs (around 10 yrs) of using computer i am still not able to read the TAMIL songs lyrics in English version. Pls what to do tell me. How to educate myself to do so…

    Because u r clear that u don’t want to change ur method of putting the lyrics in Tamil .. so i decided to change myself but i don’t know how to do it. Pls help me geek…

    I know u r the best person who will help anyone who is in real need. To a friend like me or blog reader like me…i know u will help me surely.

    Pls do something..



  2. Thanks Geeeeeeeeeekkkk…

    Now with your tireless work, eventhough your HECTIC(konjam over than) work schedule i feel your intention will reach everyone. the one’s who knows Tamil can read it now…mainly understand it…and hope everyone will enjoi what you are tying to say.

    Cheer up your hardwork..calls for few BUDWIZERS..


  3. Nalamudan Mr.Shivavuku
    First of all its nice to hear your tamil liking towards film songs. But if you start opposing BbbbLoggers to write tamil songs in English then you need to start opposing all the tamil song writers who use english words in tamil songs. As you say its difficult to read the english version of a tamil song similarly, when a english matter is used in a tamil song which is been heard by many people who don’t even know english then what do you say abt them.

    But in this range if u start oppsoing the Bbblogers then you will one day oppose the tamil bloggers to write in english itself . HA!HA!HA! But the more you oppose it will be a popular matter to be discussed. Madar sangam madri tamil bbblogers sangam oruvanulum oruvagalam.

    Mr.Shiva ana unga kitta epaveme oru tamil blogger kalainyan alerta irukarunu nenekran.
    All the best for your tamil blog which might be released in future positively ! -;)

    Ippadiku endrum anbudan
    Mambalam Mosquito illa Icehouse Mosquito…..


  4. Woo .. Glad someone else has good taste 😉

    I thought the camera work was excellent and the chemistry between Trisha and Sidharth seemed almost real. Bastard ! Mani Ratnam’s ability to get even the normally plastic Trisha is one reason why he is so …



  5. I still think that songs have no place in cinema. If you watched the song and liked it on TV, then what are pop music videos for? The fact is that we do not have a pop music industry that is separate from the film industry. Change the economics… change the world. :p


  6. Guru,

    Well said………..!!!!!!!
    This is the song i always love hearing and watching after “Endrendrum Punnagai”.
    Both of these songs has become like a early morning dosage for me to make me fresh apart from Coffee.
    Wat to say about the picturisation and camera work…its Mani sir “Vazhi” and his “Vazhi” is always a “Thaani Vazhi”.


    – Mags


  7. Sneha, Will email you on the meaning.

    Anand, I’m game. Shall we talk to chidambaram for the economis, that needs a change. jokes apart, I seriosuly support no songs movie. but songs like this deepen my love for songs. irony par excellence.


  8. Hi lazygeek..
    Ive been readin ur blog for some time..n great work…sorry i dun comment..
    Anyway…u r rite..great picturization of the song..loved Sidd the most in the song…(mad sidd fan)…


  9. Hi Shiv,

    I can understand and speak Tamil, not to read or write though. I am a malayalee by birth. If somebody could write me the tamil in English version or direct meaning, I would appreciate !



  10. Here you go sneha. those lines in tanglish.

    Kalla Vizhigalil Kan Kothi Sendraaye
    Kanna Kuzhigalil Uyir Moodi Vaithaaye
    Pinbu Yaaro Pol Thalli Nindraai
    Natpu Uravillai Endraai…Nee Yaaro !!

    Got it, now.


  11. Hi,

    Saw Vasool Raja last night – Night show at Prarthana Drive-In.

    My friends happened to be a part of the shooting a few months ago – they were what the industry refers to as “atmosphere” – and they were all praise for how Kamal used to just land, give the script a glance, and then finish the shot in just one take – and move on to the next one.

    Even the Hindu carried a similar applauding article on Kamal.

    Well, all this definitely shows in the film.

    Clearly, after the humongous task of Virumandi, Kamal would have wanted a film which he can just walk thru – and he has done exactly that in this film. Nothing great. Usual stuff from Kamal. But its OK, I still don’t mind…. one Virumandi is enough to sustain me for some more time.

    Laughs – few and far between. Crazy Mohan seems to be losing it over the years.

    Never thought much of Saran before this movie – after this movie, I know why.

    Only the parts where kamal speaks (and that is a l…o…t) it is remotely interesting.

    Im sure the original should have been a l…o…t better!

    I am going to watch it.


  12. Sneha, Guru,
    Im no tamil expert ..but heres the meaning .

    Kalla Vizhigalil Kan Kothi Sendraaye
    Kanna Kuzhigalil Uyir Moodi Vaithaaye
    Pinbu Yaaro Pol Thalli Nindraai
    Natpu Uravillai Endraai…Nee Yaaro !!

    Your mischievous eyes glance mine to meet as you walk away,
    As you trap my life in the dimples of your cheeks,
    Then as if you dont know me, you stand away,
    Friendship aint a connection you say, you’re someone else.


  13. Dear Friend,
    I am interested to know how to post a blog in Tamil. Do we need to have special Tamil software? I would appreciate if you can direct.


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