Follow the Bloggers; No more monologues

There have been very few times when Bloggers have been noticed very closely. To be specific it’s only twice. The Salaam Pax was once. The second is during the recent Democratic convention held in Boston where 30 bloggers were acknowledged to blog about the convention. Even as the convention is over, the reports on blogger and their quiet vishwarup are rocking the net all over and this might be the breaking point. Bloggers from now may not be treated as a foster child of the mainstream media but as cutting edge cousins whom the mainstream biggies cannot fore go.

J.D.Lasica’s tech column in Online Journalism Review, lists why increasingly bloggers are preferred than the mainstream journalists, it is pretty clear that bloggers are getting their piece of the cake. Only thing, their share keeps increasing, exponentially. She also writes how this important graph called Inbound links: Who has the ear of the blogosphere? , show that even as more inbound links are towards the big brothers like NY Times and CNN, climbing down a few more, we can see how Boing Boing and Insta Pundit are evolving as believable news sources and how they have more inbound links than even Slate, Fox and others. Check the column for more on bloggers, blogging and other blah blah blah.

As Technorati CEO David Sifry saysThe Web is not chiefly about a library or a news stand. You have to start thinking about the Web as this humongous event stream. The Web is a set of ongoing conversations that weave together into this new kind of omnipresent social fabric, . Thats the essential reason why the main stream media cannot make any more lectures, they have to start the dialogue between their readers. No more monologues, please !!.