Tempters Beware !!

The more I run from it, the more I’m tempted. Yeah, I’m referring to the TCS IPO. When the whole corporate crowd and the media is around that, why would I be looking around without nothing. But stocks are certainly not my area of my interest/passion. A colleague, through email, keeps sending a running commentary of the TCS stock prices every half hour. I could do nothing but delete it, after reading. Tempted.

In the evening, as I neared my bike in the parking lot, the clouds gathered together to rain. Its Chennai dudes, it wouldn’t rain. Wait, thats not the point. The point is, my splendor’s handlebar had a dozen papers inserted onto it. TCS IPO Applications. So now, in the night, after spending a couple of sweet hours reading through the tiny letters in the apps from end to end, I’m still puzzled whether to buy or not to buy. Please don’t help me. I don’t want to be tempted in.

10 thoughts on “Tempters Beware !!

  1. When i d get to learn about stocks and stock markets, I will advise you. Until then, Resist the Temptation


  2. IPOs are for suckers! Basically, insiders who have a lot more info about the company are trying to dump their holdings to the general public at the time of their choosing! Only suckers will go for that!


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