Parody Lost, Never Re-gained – Vasool Raja MBBS

vasool raja mbbs

If Vasool Raja MBBS gets stuck in the courts, leading to a name change as Nice Doctor MBBS or Very Good Doctor MBBS, the doctor team would get happy with Kamalhassan. Currently Vasool Raja MBBS is in the courts for a case filed by doctor association, accusing that the name Vasool Raja MBBS, is a deliberate pull down on the doctors. Well, this is democracy and we are not for/against whomsoever having an issue with the names. Imagine the toast of parody that lost.

Should there be a automatic case filing system in the US against those who make a parody on someone/profession/ celebrity status/recent happening, then Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and other such midnight talk show people will be the worst hit. What’s amazing about these shows is that they make a parody out of these things so flat that everyone around the globe enjoys them. A parody needn’t always be looked at with a negative outlook. It’s a way to get people understand the truth in a play way method. Who wouldn’t have not enjoyed the jokes of Jay Leno on Clinton, Saddam, Pope, Arnold, The lord of the rings, JK Rowling, Mike Moore and so so on. Have we taken these celebrities/events for granted since then. It’s a way of laughing out the issues but still getting the focus that there are these issue up-the-sleeves to be dealt with.

Vasool Raja MBBS, may be a direct parody on the doctors and their profession. But do you, me or Kamalhassan think that doctors are just money sucking machines. It’s been one of the professions that’s most respected of all times. It’s still the most pure form of service to mankind. Every by-pass surgery done at the Madras Medical Mission gets back a life, Every spinal tinkering at Apollo Hospitals gets someone moving, every ambulance flying around is zipping to save a life, a family and a lovable human. We salute them just like how Kamal alongwith the skeleton salute, in the image above. But, does that alone mean all doctors are demi-gods. A few exceptions are everywhere. Why shouldn’t someone make a comical mock on them.

The worst part, we know that Vasool Raja MBBS is a re-make of Munna Bhai MBBS. Watch the Hindi version and you would join me saying, there is absolutely nothing that rigs the doctors and their values. It infact displays a new fictional approach to hospitality.

Such cases, augmenting all over about the movies aren’t a welcoming move. Let’s have a system that would cleanse, or at least think of cleansing, through parodies. Else we will be become vegetables, of having arts like movies that doesn’t reflect the society. What’s the point, then.


  1. Ithu dravida (kazhaka katchigal) panpaadu…naam vegetable aanaal yenna? allathu sakiputhanmai matrum nagaichuvai atra mirugangal aanal yenna? Doctor Anbumani/Doctor Ramadoss/Doctor Krishnaswamy pondra uyirai mathikkum, manitha unarvugalai mathikkum, uyarntha arayisalvaathikal ullau varai, avargal thayavu kidaikkum varai, avargal manam kulirvikka, yenna vendumaanaalum seiyalaam.
    Vakkeelkal innoru high-court amaivatharkku amarkalam seithu court nadakka vidaamal seiyalam, paaraalumandram nadai pera vidaamal ethirkatchigal seiyalaam, doctorgal mattum poo parithu kondirukka vendumo? Avargalaal mudintha thadai ithu…
    {nalla doctorkal mannikkavum…ithu ungalai kurithu ezhuthapattadhu alla}

  2. On the contrary, Kamal gets good publicity for his movie; controversy is good man. Munnabhai MBBS’ hero is the Indian Patch Adams. Have you seen Patch Adams?

  3. “kutramulla nenju ….”….. why are the whole doctor community getting outraged against a comical parody…. The intention behind the scenes are purely for entertainment…. The villains of every Indian movie is a politician…. just imagine, if all the politicians of our country decide to join hands (which anyway is equivalent to third world war) and start fighting abt the not-so-parodical characterizations they get in our movies, instead of fighting among themselves…. Then the film industry have to pack their bags….. and not just that…. There wont be any news at all… the country wud come to a standstill… there wont be bad roads, no petrol price hike, no community issues, no linguisic issues,….. worse of all, veerappan will come running to surrender himself, cauvery will start flowing towards tamilnadu all by herself…..and the underworld dons wud have a heart attack (Oh Doctors, we cant do without you then, dont we?) the country will lose all its comedy shows…. There is no way we can imitate laloo and mayawati, sonia and vajpayee…. Come on docs, if u are all not mature enough to laugh at urself, then someone else will do so…… no one is attacking any individual doctor here… this movie is only a parody of all those medicos who are unprofessional, the segment that represents all professions… don’t u all laugh when govt employees, engineers, educationalists, lawyers, even farmers ….. are joked abt… relating it to an one-off incident that occurred sometime in ur lives…. Kamal isn’t making fun of u docs ! we all know that we cant live without u and ur services…. . but be honest to urselves docs,….. don’t u make us pay the price of our lives, for our lives….??? U r all in the lifesaving profession… and someone said laughter is the best medicine…… respect the oath that u took and let us poor unhealthy fellas laugh and live a little longer….

  4. hmm..
    I look at it in a different way..In the first place,Why couldn’t Kamal come up with some “Mannaaaru MBBS”..”Maayaandi MBBS” on the lines of Munnabhai..?
    Its all stunt..just a gimmick which Kamal has been latching on to, since the past few releases..Make some kinda controversy..Create attention and salvage a few more days in the theatres in case of a mega-giga flop..

  5. Thanks Latha for pitching in your views. Very True and I really like the ‘laughter is the best medicine’ funda. so true to be understood.

    Raapi, I don’t think kamal is in a dearth need of a hit. he has made enough money/fame for such stunts anymore. all he needs to do now, is to make movies that will talk about him even after he is long gone.

  6. Who gives credence to such protests ? The court system and Censor Board in India.If we really want to call ourselves democratic,and believe in an individual’s freedom of expression, the courts should dismiss such frivolous suits!Wonder when we will learn to surf to next channel,if u dont like something,instead of infringing on someone’s right to have an opinion, that is not on the same page as ours!

  7. Re: Suman’s post
    “Patch Adams” was an extremely sentimental movie…there was some humor in it the movie largely depended on the “take out your kleenexes” formula to draw in crowds…But one line from the movie is unforgettable–you treat a disease, you win, you lose; you treat a person, you always win, no matter what the outcome. If this is going to be the theme of “VasoolRaja” (I havent seen “Munnabhai MBBS”) then the Docs would be doing themselves a great disservice by creating this unnecessary hubbub.

  8. Munnabhai has respect for the medical profession, just not for doctors who treat patients like cattle, make them wait in long lines when they need care, go through red tape, etc. Some people are just always out to get Kamal.

    Sanjay Dutt was terrific in the role. I hope Kamal will be as good or better.

  9. Sanjay Dutt was superb. He was very natural. I believe Kamal Hassan has his own style. He is a versatile actor who could do the same role many times and still bring an element of uniqueness to each of the characters.

    The fact that surprised me was megastars of each of the south Indian film industry wanting to remake the film in their respective languages. Was this the only Hindi film to date to be re-made in different South-Indian languages ?

    Chiranjeevi in Telugu, Kamal Hassan in Tamil, Upendra in Kannada. Any takers for the role in Malayalam ? Mohanlal perhaps or Jayaram ?

  10. Re: Raapi’s msg

    **Why couldn’t Kamal come up with some “Mannaaaru MBBS”..”Maayaandi MBBS” on the lines of Munnabhai..?**

    For the same reason Sanjay Dutt played Munnabhai MBBS instead of a Munna MBBS or a err.. Salim MBBS(man, i jus cant think of ne other name! Munna must be good!)..

    Sanjay Dutt plays a “bhai”.. a kinda “dada” in his locality. But to his parents in the village, he’s a doctor in Mumbai.

    Kamal, since the underworld’s influence is very limited in Chennai, opted instead to play an extortionist, which is the closest he could get to be a “bhai”. 🙂
    So Raja became VasoolRaja.
    And jus coz his parents think he’s a doctor, and when they later find out the truth and Kamal does go on to study MBBS, it becomes VasoolRaja MBBS.

    Now exactly WHERE in this story, do u find a controversy? Trust us ppl to take offense at the slightest of things which by no means was an attempt to insult us.

    But yeah.. Nakkal Nagarajan.. valid point. 🙂
    Dr. Ramdoss accept pannalaam-na.. edha venna accept pannalaam!!

  11. Medicine is supposed to be a noble profession. Doctors and Lawyers are considered to be so high in the society. Thats why they dont even pay tax!!!
    But do they really deserve such a treatment??
    Lawyers going on strike, doctors going on strike.

    And now when Kamal comes up with a comedy movie, a senseless agitation.

    Is there no end to the nonsense by doctors and lawyers?? Indian thaatha madhiri yaaravadhu vandhu kodumai panravangala kuthanum

  12. WOnder how many read the recent Kalki weekly. Someone has written as to when a movie like ‘Ramana’ was taken where doctors were clearly shown as panampudingi and mass extortionists and stuffs like that where were these doctors….
    Doctors Association have also reacted saying they will file a case against Selvaraghavan’s new movies called ‘Doctors’ bcos they know what ‘kind’ of movies Selvaraghavan (Danush’s brother) takes and they dont want another abuse of Dcotor’s profession.
    My question again is where were these doctors when so many SHakeela movies were released with titles as gross as ‘Sex doctor’ et al…
    Oorukku ilaithavan pillaiyar kovil aandi – ingu Kamal matrum tamizh thiraiulagam appadi pattathu polum…

  13. Hi,

    Saw Vasool Raja last night – Night show at Prarthana Drive-In.

    My friends happened to be a part of the shooting a few months ago – they were what the industry refers to as “atmosphere” – and they were all praise for how Kamal used to just land, give the script a glance, and then finish the shot in just one take – and move on to the next one.

    Even the Hindu carried a similar applauding article on Kamal.

    Well, all this definitely shows in the film.

    Clearly, after the humongous task of Virumandi, Kamal would have wanted a film which he can just walk thru – and he has done exactly that in this film. Nothing great. Usual stuff from Kamal. But its OK, I still don’t mind…. one Virumandi is enough to sustain me for some more time.

    Laughs – few and far between. Crazy Mohan seems to be losing it over the years.

    Never thought much of Saran before this movie – after this movie, I know why.

    Only the parts where kamal speaks (and that is a l…o…t) it is remotely interesting.

    Im sure the original should have been a l…o…t better!

    I am going to watch it.

  14. HI i am Aakash
    I saw vasool raja on the third day at sathyam cineplex.i lowed the movie and it was wery thriling.I was centementely afected when Kamal was going to get arrested but I was happy when he was not arrested.Crazy mohan’s comedy was very good

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