Experimenting Google Ads

Follwing the note on Kribs blog, I am also experimenting with Google Ads. Check out Google’s Adsense for more idea on these content based ads that they deliver dynamically to the web pages. Give it a shot if you have a domained blog/website.

I’ve adjusted the color of the ad content so that it isn’t obtrusive to the readers. Pass on any suggestions if you have.


  1. Hey guru,

    Do you think it is early to dicuss on the possible national award nominees from tamil film industry ?


  2. Perhaps you might want to change the layout of your Ad from the current ‘Vertical Banner’ (120 x 240) to perhaps a square (250 x 250). Fits in perfectly in the space you allocated for the Ads; and most probably wont ‘look’ like Ads!

    Just a suggestion 🙂

  3. Sneha, It isn’t early. Afterall not many movies are lined up which could possibly get a nomination except Anniyan, Kudaikul Mazhai and 7G rainbow colony. But yeah, as of now Autograph stands a good chance. My pref would be Virumandi / Aayitha Ezhuthu.

    Any suggestions.

    Nirmalya, thanks for the cue. will change it see if it looks better.

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