Experimenting Google Ads

Follwing the note on Kribs blog, I am also experimenting with Google Ads. Check out Google’s Adsense for more idea on these content based ads that they deliver dynamically to the web pages. Give it a shot if you have a domained blog/website.

I’ve adjusted the color of the ad content so that it isn’t obtrusive to the readers. Pass on any suggestions if you have.

4 responses to “Experimenting Google Ads”

  1. sneha Avatar

    Hey guru,

    Do you think it is early to dicuss on the possible national award nominees from tamil film industry ?



  2. nirmalya Avatar

    Perhaps you might want to change the layout of your Ad from the current ‘Vertical Banner’ (120 x 240) to perhaps a square (250 x 250). Fits in perfectly in the space you allocated for the Ads; and most probably wont ‘look’ like Ads!

    Just a suggestion 🙂


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Sneha, It isn’t early. Afterall not many movies are lined up which could possibly get a nomination except Anniyan, Kudaikul Mazhai and 7G rainbow colony. But yeah, as of now Autograph stands a good chance. My pref would be Virumandi / Aayitha Ezhuthu.

    Any suggestions.

    Nirmalya, thanks for the cue. will change it see if it looks better.


  4. Kiruba Shankar Avatar

    Good going, Guru. I would second Nirmalya’s suggestion. Go in for the square one.


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