Madan’s Aayitha Ezhuthu Cartoon


Here is Ananda Vikatan’s former cartoonist Madan’s way of congratulating Aayitha Ezhuthu. I have some aggressive comments on his show Madan’s Thirai Paarvai. Later.

11 responses to “Madan’s Aayitha Ezhuthu Cartoon”

  1. Anand Avatar

    I can do it right away!… He’s a very mediocre film analyst and an excellent cartoonist.


  2. Ramnath Avatar

    I agree with Anand. I have heard Keshav of The Hindu say that he rates Madan among the world’s top 15 cartoonists.

    I think Madan did some good film criticism early on. But now he dilutes it heavily. Probably he is compelled to do so — adverse criticism might hurt film producers/directors, who supply most of the content to TV channels.

    I havent been seeing his programme very regularly. But I think this bias in favour of producers/directors happened when he had to review Boys. He brought Shankar to give his version.

    If TV reviews have this constraint, print reviews, I think, have to struggle for space. Which magazine or newspaper gives so much space to Indian film critic as Newyorker gave to Pauline Kael?

    I have read some very good reviews in New Indian Express, which I felt, could have been expanded into first rate film criticism.


  3. ripples Avatar

    Among the TV reviews, I still think Madan stands out well. But, compromises spare no man. I liked even his diluted version a lot.

    But, I also think he is a better cartoonist / social analyzer than a hardcore film critic. I wish we had a Subbudu for film criticism as well.


  4. Guruprasad Avatar

    Long long ago, around 12 years back, we had a very good movie reviews/criticism coming up in Kalki under some pseudonym, which I am not able to recollect. I think, something like, Jeyamanmadhan…not sure!
    Well, they were more like Moviedom’s Subbudu. They stopped writing.
    Later on, I found out they were the famous tamil novelists – Subha (of Narendiran, Vaijayanthi)


  5. gnanamani Avatar

    I agree with anand.Madan is very mediocre,makes some personal liking/disliking affect his review.This was very evident in his Ayutha Ezhuthu review too.


  6. Vimal Avatar

    Ramnath – If I remember correctly. Khalid Mahmood used to get a big chunk of space for his scathing diatribes in TOI.
    Subash K Jha


  7. Vimal Avatar

    Correction, Its Khalid Mohammed*


  8. Ramnath Avatar

    Vimal: Newspapers dont depend much on cinema. Television channels do.


  9. Rathnavel Avatar

    Madhans Thirai Parvai is too short a programme. I am perplexed why they try to include all aspects in 15 running minutes. With Madhan’s Punch, Madhan’s Toon, Discussion on Cinema Aspects, Tete-a-Tete with the filmmaker, I think Madhan has to present his views very concisely in about 2 minutes.I think they should go for a more elaborate one hour programme


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