Enokkoru Girlfriend Venumada ?? Vendamada ??

Last night on Vijay TV, in the hot(not really) political/social show, Makkal Yaar Pakkam, there was a discussion about Love Marriages and their social impact. Dheemtharikida Gnani was trying to balance the show with some honest views. Then came a phone call from the upcoming lyricist Pa.Vijay, who said in totallity, Love isn’t an appropriate feeling and one should always go for an arranged marriage instead of a love marriage. Gnani interuppted and fired him that if he was to talk like that, he shouldn’t be writing all these romantic songs for films. Pa.Vijay in turn said that writing lyrics was his profession and he was just writing because he had to.

I was completely puzzled by Pa.Vijay’s reply for Gnani’s question. Cinema is a much bigger medium than what it is expected to be. It can work at sub-concious levels on the minds of people. And if they were write all this kadhal, kadalai, kannamuchi, figure, sight, matter, machi, kattipudi, kathrikka and then disown it, are we sub-intellectuals to listen to them. Now, I am not saying they shouldn’t be writing or talking about love or sex in cinema. They need to. But who should do that ? Someone who belives in what he does. Not someone who can’t defend why he/she did it. Poetry for that matter springs from heart. And if you write for the heck, I am sure it wouldn’t shine for good.

So if Pa.Vijay was to say Love & Love Marriages are crime, he needn’t write on love themes as lyrics. Until he is convinced with the emotion called Love, let him not write Enokkoru GirlFriend Venumada, GirlFriends Illaa Vazhkai Wasteada

Read this interview of Pa.Vijay, recorded sometime back and you would know why I said that.

23 responses to “Enokkoru Girlfriend Venumada ?? Vendamada ??”

  1. Narasi Avatar

    Geek I totally agree with your comments. Since I feel its difficult for a person to give 100% to his work without having belief in it.

    According to me profession is an action done which is interesting to a person with total dedication & concentration for service or with a money value & the most important is the belief.

    If Pa.Vijay says I am against Love marriages & writes beautiful poem about love then he is doing injustice to himself.

    I think nowdays it has become a practice to talk like this.
    Example :
    Maniratnam saying I don’t watch tamil movies but he directs tamil movies.

    Rajinikanth recently saying in his interview that he believes in destiny but he projects “UN VAZHKAI UN KAYIL” in movies.

    now its Pa.Vijay.

    The only thing to be done is to call these people in front, face to face question them abt what they speak & what they do.


  2. Ragu Avatar

    Dear Subbu,

    You old & new friend Ragu. This bullshit goes on all the time. You guys may be amazed to know that Rajeshkumar, (Ayiraam Novelgalin Apoorva Sinthamani of Tamil “Pick-“Pocket” Literature” – He has sent an application for guinness record)was the guy who was against Love marriage(In kumgumam interview)and romance, after he had written, around 1000 pocket novels..with descriptions like …Aval maarbil irandu muyalgal thulli vilaiyadiayadu..aval t shirt mael “Do you Want to Suck me” endru ezhuthi irundadhu!!

    Now you were blog on Sujatha interview, states that he is a different person from his Writer. He recites nammalvar in Srirangam, but in his novels, thodar kathai etc.. you can find descriptions like, Aval pammi pone marbagankal thimiri kondu tshirtil irundu veli pattane..etc.

    I was recently mentioning to mom that we should not be mislead, because Ramba after sexposing, and corrupting millions of youths with beach song in bikini, is carefully circumambulating the periya paalayathamman temple very day, and friday she does not eat non-veg becoz, amman does not like it….

    These buggers are very poisonous..and selfish..
    they dont mind corrupting million minds for money…but thier life is all holy ….starting from Ramba…to Jennifer Lopez…Britney Spears(they all like Christ, and Sunday Mass etc)



  3. Sujay Avatar

    umm a little too much generalization there Ragu.


  4. ripples Avatar

    Guru, I cannot completely agree with you on this. While public personalities have to take some social responsibilities, we cannot attribute his entire career to his belief and interests. An artist becomes an artist only when he is sensitive enough to see the world from not only his own eyes but through other’s eyes.

    In this case, Pa. Vijay’s answer was very irresponsible, not because he is doing something against his ideals, but actually, not taking responsibility in differentiating between his ideas and what he writes. I think this post is becoming too big to write here. More at my blog!


  5. Kingsley Avatar

    Pa Vijay has every right to be a hypocrite. I have every right to think hypocrites are assholes, while enjoying the very song he’s written. Such is life, deal with it.


  6. prasath Avatar

    Hi Lazygeek,

    I think Mr.Pa.Vijay has every right to comment against love marriages. Writing poetry to a certain situation (given by the director) is his profession, but not writing jus love poems.So you got to do things against your ideals and views to maintain work order. At the same time you can have a different opinion outside your work environment. This kind of compromise is made by everybody (atleast by me).

    I appreciate him for making such a bold comment, inspite of knowing he would be definitely critisied for that.


  7. senthil Avatar

    ‘kaadhalaavathu..katharikaaiaavathu..mannankatti..padikkirai vazhiyai ..paarudaa..mundam..”

    kaadhalai nimirtha..thalai kuninthu nirkkum maganai paarthu kathhi vittu en araikku nuzhaigiren..
    ‘chea ithu vera..veruppudan eduthu eriya ethhanithu..meendum mejai thiranthu ulley vaikirren.’

    ‘kaneer thiraida..mangalaana paarvaiyil..enro ‘AVAL’ kudutha ..parker pena..


  8. Ravi Avatar

    I must say all these points and counterpoints are enlightening, to say the least! Interesting post, Guru!


  9. Krishna Avatar

    I do not find anything wrong in Pa. Vijay’s statement. As a professional lyrics writer, he cannot just force himself to write songs only in whose ideals that he believes in. Take for a example, a film charecter which believes that terrorism is the only way for social justice. Now when that charecter has to sing a song in the movie, the song may be in support of terrorism. This does not mean that the lyrics writer of that song is a supporter of terrorism. He has to write such a song as it is required by that charecter. If te writer cannot do that he will soon find himself out of job.


  10. senthil Avatar

    That’s a good argument krishna..


  11. Ragu Avatar

    The basic idea behind my previous note was to generate exactly this kind of discussion. I am quite happy that a number of views have come up. Everything in life is just not black or white. there are shades of Grey….
    yes pa.vijay is bold enough to state his personal views, and say that directors and filmdom,and the kandu vatti finance producers want this kind of songs, obscenity, etc., becoz they think with this kind of thing they can make the moolah!
    While i understand,our professional lives are full of compromises up to a point, that for the sake of living, and making some money, there has to be a borderline or ethical limit one has to adhere to…otherwise, the pimps would say they pray to sai baba, but call-girl fetching is their profession and job and nothing to do with values….
    again, a million young girls are kidnapped and brought into prostitution by these middlemen every year from nepal and various other poor states…and they can take this argument..of Oh! I dont indulge in unfair sex practices, but that is my profession…
    As IT professionals, I dont think we would be taking up jobs in Porno site HTML,Java coding and say that it is a professional compulsion..

    so there are ethical limits upto which one can compromise for the sake of money/job…I think that is what is getting obscured these days..and more importantly the so-called personal values are exactly opposite to the values propounded by the person in powerful media like cinema,advt. etc(which can poision a billion minds in a second)…


  12. Mahadevan Avatar

    He does what gives him the money, he says what he wants to say, why ru cribbing about this dude, to everyone his own, if we start to emulate what these guys say, then god bless. Who is going to listen to his songs, if he starts writing about arranged marriages ? Who is going to watch, if she does roles where she is a god-fearing veg women ?


  13. Nilu Avatar


    Those who have rambled angrily in the comments on his ethics are merely giving vent to their anger at being made an idiot by Pa Vijay.

    Man – I think he shld join the cartel


  14. Queer Avatar

    Interesting post and even more interesting comments:) btw..what did they conclude in the end…so makkal yaar pakkam?


  15. maran Avatar

    PA Vijay got balls!
    Love is everywhere but the film industry narrowing it down to relationship between unmaried couples. There are tons of other more complex relationship out there, where the base is love and lust but the song writer don’t write about them cos TN people can’t accept it.

    Love is just a part of live not life itself.


  16. chitragupt Avatar

    Not to draw comparisons, but Vairamuthu seems to be someone who believed in what we writes. I attended a seminar by him and by the way he was talking about love, it was obvious he believes in it completely. No surprise then that he comes up with such amazing gems. He also believes strongly in the vitality of Tamil literary culture. Listen to some songs in Puratchikaaran for instance; and this belief carries through in his words.

    Of course he does gets naughty once in a while with his lyrics, but then again aren’t mischief, innuendo and allusion part and parcel of love?


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