Kittu Maama, Susi Maami and the state of Tamil FM radios

Then came Tamil FM stations helping the chennaites in beating the monotonus lifestyle. And they are trying to do it 24*7*365.

I’ve been listening quite a lot to Suryan FM @93.5, coming from the Sun TV group. Suryan FM is undoubtedly reaching a vast audience and caters as an alernative to the All India Radio. Radio Mirchi on the other hand is groovy and kind of more like a drive through FM station that you would often come across in the US. The audience lie clearly divided between the two.

One of the recent hit in Suryan FM is Kittu Maama Sussi Maami that is aired from 8-9 am everyday. Kittu Maama and Susi Maami are couples who find themselves very attached amidst the chaos and the quarel they go through everyday. These are fictionary characters created and they are mimiced well. Kittu Maama talks with a brahminical accent and Susi Maami takes on a Marwari’s tamil accent. Initially this wasn’t a program of my choice for it sounded very silly and childish. Over a period, I’ve started liking this for the interesting plot/news that Kittu Maama and Susi Maami convey everday through their conversation.

Aayitha Ezhutu fame Mirchi Suchitra is still the prime time host of Radio Mirchi @98.3 FM. While Radio Mirchi hit the town, suchitra was topping the favorite host list. Not anymore. While having a great voice, Suchitra, fails to use it because of her urbanised tamil accent which is monotonous at times and the background music that keeps interuppting from listening to what the host talks. With the feel of a westernized FM station, Radio Mirchi can definetly do better if only it shuns the bad usuage of tamil. Else we will be talking about a different genre of tamizh similar to the Junoon Tamizh.

Suryan FM’s host Kanmani is still my favorite. Her program Kaalai thendral is truely a breeze that beats the chennai heat. I have gone gaga over Kanmani a few times before , so I stop here and persuade you to listen to her show, Kaalai Tendral in Suryan FM, everyday from 7-8 am. If the television had compere trend setters like Metro Priya and the-still-going-great Pepsi Uma, Kanmani is certainly a trend setter in FM radios. Hats off for the good work she does everyday.


  1. I had almost made up my mind to listen to Suryan between 7 and 8, till I read ‘the-still-going-great Pepsi Uma’. Common, she has lost her charm — long back.

    Did you see the report on her last week in The Hindu Metro Plus? I agree with that assessment.

  2. I am actually put off by the sleazy ads for RAdio Mirchi. they are just too …. bad….
    Cant listen to them…
    And no one puts english songs.. apart from Rainbow. 😦

  3. Guru, I agree with Ramnath. I can’t stand Pepsi Uma nowadays. Sure, in the beginning she was cute and her down-to-earth naturalness was a welcome break from the many put-on anchors. Now, she’s become so annoyingly repetitive.

    Mirchi Suchi was my colleague at Sify for a long time. She was this typical english speaking yuppy type and she is probably the type who woudl become a VJ at SS music but she caught me by surprise when she turned vernacular.

  4. Ramnath/Kribs – Agree partially with you both.

    Pepsi Uma has started to bore the audience with those ‘Chamathu’ – ‘so-chweet’ accent but there is this gossip that Pepsi is ready to cancel the Pepsi Ungal Choice show if Uma wasn’t anchoring it. And BTW it is not one of those telephone shows that happen on television media. It’s been happening for 8 yrs. Probably that’s why people are bored so much.

  5. Mirchi SUchi defnitely is energetic, and she keeps prompting people to speak in Tamil. The junoon tamil comment is unfair.
    She can bring in some more creativity in her show.
    Lord Labaku Das interventions used to be hilarious, so was Cool Kabali.

  6. Guru, I’ve been seeing Pepsi Uma since ages now. While she’s good, she’s becoming repetitive, not to mention ‘prosperous looking'(I’m being diplomatic) and should graciously bow out of stage, before the writing becomes clear on the wall…er, air! 🙂

  7. Guru – entertainment value aside, I was apalled to see the pathetic quality of radio in India (including Suryan FM). Anyone who has moved out of the US that I know of, seems to consider close friends, concerts and public radio to be the top few things they miss. It’s really a boon, in terms of its diverse, thought-provoking content. Wonder when we’ll talk about channels in India similiarly.

    Sometimes wish independent weblogs translated themselves as radio shows/conversations! Boy, would that give radio a wake-up call…

  8. Guru, could you please tell me which role this Suchitra played in “Aayitha Ezhuthu”. Iam not too familiar with the new FM Stations (though I did listen to them a couple of times while in India) and have not idea who this girl is and all blogs are talking about her 😦

    While I agree with Anand C on the quality of current FM Stations, I do miss the public radio (All India Radio) programs. They were truely diverse, though they did not have lively talk shows. I consider the new sprung radio stations as a beginning to a better radio in the coming years.

  9. Anand, I just think that when radio becomes more localized in India in a larger scale, reaching out everywhere including the smaller towns with their own FM channels like here in the US, then the quality will improve.

    There is also this another angle to the popularity of radio here in the states, which I dunno whether is relevant to the scene in India right now – car radios. Here most ppl listen to their local FM channels while commuting. Dunno if thats really caught on in India, cos 4 years ago, I can only remember only the AIR’s FM channel manned by the likes of Niladhri Paul (?)
    and some other djs whose names have gone off my radar.

  10. Friends,
    Is there any links that offer Online Tamil FM via web for listeners across the globe?

  11. pls insert tower between nagapattinam and chennai… please increase ur power range of ur fm.. we will eager to hear ur fm in our area….iam raja from karaikal…… pls start one more fm in nagapattinam or karaikal… so pls consider my request…

  12. i feel that the comment made on suchi that shez not the favourite rj anymore, is a biased one. The writer has a biased nature towards suryan fm. Statistics reveal that more than 70% of chennai radio listeners are with mirchi. Suryan fm is popular only with oldies. The so called RJs talk, talk …..and talk….Don’t u ppl think that RJ’s like “Raji”s’ way of talking is tooooo un natural???? Does anyone in natural life talk like she does??Whereas “Suchi” has a gr8 peppy voice and she is still the numero uno RJ of chennai!!!!!!!!!!!!She ia a modern youth symbol and a model for all youngsters here…and u can never talk about urbanised tamil here…may i know what u gain by speaking rural tamil? its all different forms of tamil and she speaks it the stylish way…anywayz younsters form the major percentage of listeners and radio mirchi can only act according to its market..Its got the variety…..thats why its the top radio station in the town….am game for any disputes…

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