What makes NEWS?

Guest Blog 13 – Anand C

I’ve wondered how news is prioritized and given preference and how they choose what is repeated again and again on 24-hour news channels. (Case in point: The same weekend that Britney Spears went through her “one-day” wedding in Las Vegas, NASA’s Rover landed had its historic Mars landing. It’s anybody’s guess as to which of the two got all the ink).

One of my friends (a professional in the print industry) seems to know why. According to him, the pocket guide to determine what is news consists of two high-level guidelines:

1. Someone died.
2. Someone got rich.

Evidently, degrees of separation from these two guidelines determines how much “human interest” a story has. Sounds morbid but true…

UPDATE: The NEWS being advertised as a ‘show’ is more scary. What happens when bad news is being delivered about a company that is sponsoring that segment? Also, news anchors create brands around themselves for being trustworthy. Now, who does the audience trust and more importantly, hold accountable – the TV network or the announcer? -a.

3 responses to “What makes NEWS?”

  1. Ganesh S Avatar

    Thats true , news also has become like marketing media , another fact abt NEWS is have you even notice they would only always say a trian met into an accident , a plane crashed boat collapsed they would nevere say train reached station fine today or a plane landed safely or a boat sailed safely , i just remember this from Write Sujathas words anyway will stop commenting now ,….

    Ganesh S


  2. laiju Avatar

    >>Evidently, degrees of separation from these two >>guidelines determines how much “human interest” a >>story has. Sounds morbid but true…

    In that case, what needs to be understood is how “human interest” is fashioned or what are the forces that influences “human interest”.


  3. Romi Avatar

    The recent coverage of Ronald Reagan also is no different… how much news was ignored because the networks have been clogged with that one topic….


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