Coffee day, makes my day !!

I’ve been an obsessive compulsive coffee lover throughout. I am one among the many south indians tamils who are addicted to the filter coffee culture. So what happens ? Invariably, I spend more time to decide on the coffee mix. So everytime we need to get filter coffee powder from shop, I give more instructions to that shopwala than to my hair dresser or my costume designer( tailor).

This evening when I gave the Coffee Day shopwala more complex formulas than e=mc2 for my filter coffee powder, he was amused by my interest in coffee. Told not many people were interested in coffee powder preparation. With 400 gms of Plantation ‘A’ and 100 gms of Plantation ‘B’ supreme(??), the coffee smelled best, only to me. He was apprehensive with that degree of mix and said he would like to know if at all it tasted good. Waved a bye so oddly.

But now as I drink the same coffee, the coffee tastes great and I am forced to give me a pat myself for the coffee lover in me. Very Pompous post this is. Right ?


  1. Me tooo , me the same combination but the difference is i say 259 gns of and b , i will do anything to get a good filter coffee in USA, some or other way my father would send me the formulae powder through some or other friends who come to US and daily morning when i start to office i drink filter coffee not in a cup or anything but in a davara and tumbler (you knw what i mean ) , i even smell the coffee when im typing abt it im that crazy abt coffee , i dont knw why i never like instant coffee over filter coffee , but when myself and my wife both are lazy we then take instant coffee. will stop now .

  2. Aaaaahhhh Filter cofee.. Plantation A 😦 Nostalgic a aakita pa Lazy… But by the looks of it I only need to go like 3 more months before I can have it.

    Btw, you still get Cofee Day coupons?

  3. Hi Guru…nice to know you are into coffee as well. I can quaff any number of them, any time in the day or night! Glad to know you are a Coffee Day lover as well! In the May 2004 edition of Readers Digest, there are quite a few facts about the medical benefits of coffee listed, should you be interested! 🙂

  4. Here is another insatiable coffee addict!

    My father was so fastidious about the right mix of coffee seeds (we used to roast at home and grind them in a hand grinder for each coffee session – fresh, fresh flavour – indulgence, what!) that I was so knowledgeable about the various coffee strains from early childhood. I carried this tradition when I madfe my home, but the onus was on me to make repeated forays to the Coffee Board outlet to buy the right quantities of the various varieties.

    My choice was (has been):-

    Plantation “PB” (pronounced “peebrie”) – It is the top of the hierarchy! = 50%

    Plantation “A” = 50%

    I would not prefer the other varieties like “Pl B, C” or “Arabica Cherry” or “Robusta”.

    But in this fast world, buying raw coffee seeds and get them converted is out of question. So, if my wife fancies, she would go and wait for the right mix being ground by the local coffee powder outlet, or she would bid me to get the “Cothas” coffee powder from Bangalore. Now with my wife at the other hemisphere, I am living on Cotha’s coffee which is a coffee-chicory blend making the “Ticoction” strong. I prefer that taste especially because I do not let in sugar to enter into my coffee converting it into a syrup and debauching the real coffee flavour!
    Now I am making my own coffee with no target to nitpick on the taste. 😦

  5. Hey, wait a minute, I’m remembering something!

    In my village we used denote the 2 varieties of coffee seeds that I’ve mentioned earler as:
    “Urundai kottai” and
    “Thattai kottai”
    Ok, carry on!

  6. Try this. Just Plantation B. A dash of chicory, and when the decoction is ready, thick hot milk.

    Will give you a high like none other.

  7. Once I had been to Assam on a Boy Scout trip and asked a roadside vendor near the main tea market for Coffee. He gave me a disgusted look and uttered “Madrasis” 🙂

    Nothing can unite a bunch of Madrasis’ like a discussion on Filter Coffee. My choice has been similar to SKs – 50% PB + 50% A, with minimum sugar.

  8. A lean mean lone graduate student stuck in the land of Uncle Sam has 2 options for a quick coffee – Folgers or Maxwell House. Nuthing like a filter coffee but you do develop a taste for them.

    And black coffee sucks !

  9. For me, nothing stimulates me better than a mix of 30-35% PB & 65-70% A in a thick “Ticoction” with a large mug of steaming hot milk and a bit of sugar.

    Which reminds me, one of my uncles was in charge of a coffee plantation near Hosur. I went there about 6 years ago, and although I don’t really remember the coffee, the ambience was amazing.

  10. 50 PB + 50 A is best (LEO is best at Chennai). The preparation of dicoction is important for aroma and taste with a suitable sized coffee filter is important. Heat the holes of the filter on stove till you get nice coffee roasting smell. Add coffee powder between 25 to 30% of the filter. Pour boiling water after bubling stops, up to 80% of the filter(Ofcourse on the top portion of the filter) Close the top with the lid. Wait for the dicoction to percolate fully, may be 5 to 6 minutes. Now pour again as above. Once it fully percolates mix first portion and second portion together. It will give the best aroma and strength. Now pour required quantity of this dicoction to a tumbler or cup add hot milk to that till the colour turns (teak)wooden brown. add sugar to taste. wow a nice tasty coffee with good aroma keep lingering in your mouth for a long time. enjoy.

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