Madras Blogger Meet 2004 – Pictures

Madras Blogger Meet 2004

Pictures of Madras Blogger Meet 2004 with Thumbnails (Based on Popular Request).

P.S: My domain’s bandwidth has doubled since yesterday. From 300+ MB in 7 days, it went on to 650 MB in just one day. With only 6GB bandwidth for a month allowed by bloghosts for my domain, I might probably move the pics to my Lazy Geek Photoblog. Will update this post then.

27 thoughts on “Madras Blogger Meet 2004 – Pictures

  1. Hey, swell photos!
    Even me has fallen out there (photo-le vizhunthirukken!)

    And to nitpick a wee bit (as is my wont), thumbnails would have been greater help!!

    Anyway, good show!

    S.K, the modest one (I’m the Greatest!)

  2. Hey Cool pic show mann! Thank Ye oh ‘mighty’ one… ‘it’ is worth saying it anyway [yo guys, just give Geek a room for air]… Kool

  3. Just one doubt – Is Anand(mdeii) the same as ‘kutti’ Anand who had acted in numerous films and serials as a child star?

  4. Nice pics! But I dont see any girls out there. Are there no women bloggers in Chennai?
    Just a thought!

  5. Anand is that guy??? No wonder his face looked so familiar 🙂

    And yeah when you have time for swatting flies then you can add some cheeky subtitles to each pic like you used to for the previous blogmeet 🙂

  6. hey…nice snaps…jus found it tuf to identify a few i didnt know…
    and whose gonna come up with the ‘funny’ article?

  7. Ditto Divya’s comment ‘Anand is that guy???’. Wow, we had a celebrity among us and not many knew. time, I’ll bring an autograph book along! 😉 Gr8 work on the photos, Guru. Thanks!

  8. Divya,
    I’ve paid you a huge compliment, and it goes unnoticed!
    I think I should suppress the tendency of verbal circumlocution!

  9. S.K! It didn’t 😛

    Thanks a zillion.. was about to comment on it.. but I do not have unlimited bandwidth like you do :”( So I am doing it now 🙂 (lime-ish Aqua is a new variation of nimbupani I have heard.. will use it sometime 😉 )

  10. Hmm…as has been written by many…a who’s who is definitely required.
    What with me identifying the man wearing the black tee and talking on the mobile, as a definite school senior at Vidya Mandir, who used to be a fast bowler, but forgetting the name!

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