Jaggubhai Opens Up

the charismatic jaggubhai

This week’s kumudam features a full fledged interview with Rajinikanth a.k.a Jaggubhai. It’s been quite a while since Rajini had interviews with just a single weekly/daily.

In this interview Rajini, clealy puts forth his opinions about the recent elections, the loosers, the winners, his friends and his enemies. Quite a relief for me personally that he stands by his word that it is destiny to show if he will enter politics. I hope his antaratma doesn’t lead him there. Also it’s interesting to note that he accepts that he is caught amidst the ‘Image’ Web of Kollywood and he cannot act offshoot movies. So he plans to get himself sidelined from movies. Not a welcome news for Rajini fans like me.

Also featuring is the hot news for the media that he has kicked off. Aishwarya Rai will probably be *ing with him in Jaggubhai. He adds that the heroine role in Jaggubhai isn’t just a barbie but more stronger and powerful than the Padyappa Neelambari (acted fantastically by Ramya Krishnan). So as Aishwarya’s hollywood movie gets postponed, she would most probably pair him.

As the election results have turned opposite to what Rajini thought, at this juncture, this interview will be looked upon one that will restore his image in the public. But it doesn’t look the same now. Rajini talks with more conviction and clarity than the not-so-clear interviews he gave during the election time. Read more in Kumudam. You would need a free userid/pwd .

17 responses to “Jaggubhai Opens Up”

  1. Anand Avatar

    I dont know whats in store for him. Just hope that his movie failures dont prompt him to retire from movies and go into active politics.. I prefer Rajni as an actor only.


  2. Kumaraguru Avatar

    If anybody is to be blamed for Rajini’s election fiasco, it is his fans. Rajini was under a huge pressure to satisfy his fans against his own interests.

    Some of the posters stuck by his fans on election eve were so disparaging that I had no surprise on the outcome. One of the posters equated Rajni with Mahatma Gandhi – quite a horrible comparison.

    Rajni should either make himself worthy of such an adoration by committing himself to public life that goes far beyond his cimematic stunts or in all fairness, ask his fans to stop such unwarranted promotion.


  3. Narasi Avatar

    Great to see rajini a.k.a Jaggubhai reloaded.
    I too read the interview. It was very clear & made clear to his fans & public about his thoughts & views. Geek like to see the picture of rajini in your site(Photo that came on kumudam)since he was looking really cool in it.


  4. Narasi Avatar

    Thanks Geek for fulfiling my request by hosting the great thalaivar Photo(a.k.a. Jhagubhai photo came in kumudam) in ur blog.
    I can see the charm in his face(PHOTO) because of which the charm in the appearence of your blog.

    Thanks once again.


  5. Best of 2004 Avatar

    So what WAS the top story of 2004?


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  7. Nellaibaba Avatar

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  8. selva Avatar



  9. direct tv Avatar

    good layout who designed the site


  10. karthik Avatar

    thailava kalakita po ona minjatku inurtan porandalum vara mudiyadu

    inum ore oru action padam baasha madri adu podum ongala yarum marakave matanga

    thalaivar na thalaivar than


  11. Thevitha Avatar

    I love rajani. and i want 2 marry hium


  12. rajini Avatar

    hai how har you


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