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Marriage Invite

All fellow bloggers, patrons, light readers and critically acclaimed critics of this blog are invited for my marriage reception on March 4th 2004 at Mylapore, Chennai. Here’s more.

And now you know why I was lazy to scribble for the last couple of weeks. Don’t you ?

On an another note, scribbles of a lazy geek 😉 just completed 2 years last week. Following The Hindu way, here is This Day That Age, my first blog post.

Monday, February 25, 2002

Andipatti Elections – as expected:

Jayalalitha as expected comes back. but have the virtues changed . these people of tamil nadu deserve the best from her or from anyone who is in the throne. all those whacky emails about mummy returns back have come true but will she be the godmother of the contemporaries .. Lets wait for a while !!!

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