Pudhukottaiyilirindhu Saravanan Movie Review

Pudhukottaiyilirindhu Saravanan wasn’t upto mark. The story by itself has a lot of avenues to be interesting. But Stanley, the director has tried to win his way through Dhanush’s popularity. If only Shankar would have handled this story, it would had been much interesting and classy. Especially the first scene when Dhanush tries to fool his parents about his brother’s marriage was crude and unnatural.

Dhanush harps on the same strings of dance, stunt and high decibles. Aparna looks like elderly Keerthana of Kannathil Muthamittal and fits the role of a singapore tamilian. Nattu Sarakku really rocks in the audio. Picturisation of this song isn’t admirable.

Not a film for a fun-filled weekend. If you are probably inquisitive about the hype created around dhanush, you can watch it and take a deep breath.

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