I’m Back in Arnold’s Terminator Tone

I’m Back in Arnold’s Terminator tone :

I’m Back from my mariage hungama and ready to dive into deepest corners of the internet. After a week long detachment from the internet, my emails are over-flowing with spam and lazygeek site looks very new to me. This is my longest break from the internet, ever.

Thanks to Kiruba and Ravages who made themselves available for my marriage reception. It took a while for me to recognize Kiruba and his wife. Only when I saw them with Ravages, I understood it was Kiruba. As Kiruba said, it was too tough to stand with that smile on your face for two long hours.

Thanks for all of you guys who wished me through all communication mediums including telepathy. I was enthralled to see so many well-known, known, unknown people wish me on my marriage page. Thanks again.

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