Check out writer Sujatha’s Srirangathu

Check out writer Sujatha’s Srirangathu Devadhaigal story this week called Enn Muthal Tholaikatchi Aanubhavam in vikatan, where he describes a funny incident of his first TV viewing. During the time he clearly brings out the confusions of college guy through his own character. The best part is that even the drawing for the story resembles sujatha’s face during his adulthood. FYI : Sujatha did his engineering in MIT, Chennai.

Watched Ben Hur. Again and Again on monday night HBO. A master of a movie. The vastness of the story ground was as big as the chariot race course in the movie. I bet if someone can write a review for a movie like Ben Hur and also do justice to it. Words overflow as thoughts and emotions gush through at the same time. See it to experience it and it is better not to talk about it. Because you can never express what Ben Hur is. It isn’t cinema. It is a different animal. Some of my friends told it is a jerk of a movie. Accept. But opinion varies. You see.

Also reading a short story collection by Jayakanthan called Yugasandhi. All of these short stories have been published in anandha vikatan from 1960 to 1963. His foreword really impressed me as much as his stories. It is very evident that these stories aren’t for philistines. Not many declare such forewords. If Jayakanthan can only do it, because like Ben Hur he is one offshoot of a writer. Read it to believe it. Recommended reading of Jayakanthan : Oru Manithan Oru Veedu Oru Ulagam, Oru Nadigai Nadakam Parkiraal, Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal and Gangai Engey Pogiral ?.

Watched The LA of bagath

Watched The LA of bagath GAAN on saturday. Puzzled ?.

Zee Tv was featuring The Legend of Bagath Singh and Sony was featuring Lagaan at the same time. Both are gems of A R Rahman and hence all I could do is to watch both the movies as The The LA of bagath GAAN . In bits and pieces. However didn’t afford to miss the final six of Aamir. Independence.

On a sunday evening, in

On a sunday evening, in besant nagar beach, with a group of friends, having fun….is really fun. But today I am here listening to Have you ever really loved – Bryan Adams in my computer, in my office. Software Engineers they call us. Software Engineers.

Btw, I have an exciting playlist today from Bryan Adams to Metallica to Eminem to 50 Cent. Oh I missed my favourite ABBA. Groovy Groovy sunday evening. Enjoy Lazy, enjoy !!

P.S : Before I could post this my favourite Enter Sandman – Metallica started to play. Enter.

Aamir Unplugged with the Jawans:

Aamir Unplugged with the Jawans:

Not only Mariah Carey and Maddona can do it. Even Aamir Khan with NDTV’s star girl Barkha Dutt made it to the warfront to inspire the Jawans.
Prannoy Roy
It must have been Aamir’s unforgettable experience. Standing amidst the firing range of the Line-of-control, and having fun with the Indian Jawans was a brave job. Great Job Aamir. By the way is he hinting that his next movie ( The Rising – 1857) is about the war of independece.

While Aamir was playing cards with the jawans in a bunker near the LOC, Barkha sipped a hot chai and went asleep in the bunker. Reality TV in making ?

The program of having Aamir Khan in Kargil with the jawans was innovative programming from NDTV. Offlate their programming and their ad campaign have changed widely to cope up with the competition from India Today’s Headlines Today channel. Though India Today’s Aaj Tak – the hindi new channel is a hit but Headlines Today is still in its infancy and trying to overtake NDTV desperately. But NDTV with its sheer popularity and trust from the people stays in top.

The other good news for NDTV patrons is that Prannoy Roy‘s The World This Week is returning again with a bang. The ads are out but the dates aren’t announced yet. Prannoy Roy is going to present it again and I am sure it is a cool news for many of us. A decade back friday nights are for The World This Week. Especially the newsmakers section is the one which catches my attention. Its then I started appreciating media reporting and journalism. Welcome back Prannoy !!

Shankar’s Boys is releasing by

Shankar’s Boys is releasing by this month. Probably on 22nd August or on 29th August. It is a whooping 22 crores of investement and Shankar is careful in placing his film at the right time to grab the collections. In Chennai, it is Devi theatre instead of the usual Satyam. All of shankar’s movies from Kadhalan to Mudhalvan were in Satyam. His first fliick Gentleman was in the Alankar which is no more today.

Also it is tough time for other producers to release their film now, only to be over-shadowed by Boys. Boys promos on television today have created enough curiosity and expectation. To sustain this, the movie needs to be released ASAP.

Kamalhassan‘s interview today on Jaya TV was as cute as his sandiyar sideburns. Some highlights of the interview were when :

a) he said that movies are not like marriage first-nights; being without experience in a costly affair in cinema and hence he prefers theatre artists who have performed more and have a sense of audience.

b) he replied that the amount of literature he has heard is more than his reading.

c) he was honest enough to say in tamil brahmin families, men were exposed to more on english literature and women confined themselves to tamil literature.

d) he was angry that much of good tamil literature are blacked out and on the face of it, popular literature appears to be the only available literature in tamil.

e) he was sure that, be it Sakalakala Vallavan 2 or Virumandi as the new name of sandiyar, people would look only for the story than the name. my belief is that , whatever be the name, people would call it only Sandiyar. It has created so much of hulla-gulla that Sandiyar will stay as Sandiyar in the hearts of the people.

f) he was sure that Illayaraja would take the music to new heights in Sandiyar and it would be a music which when people listen, would say ” Where was this music all the time?”.

But boys, that is after sometime. Now is the time to start celebration for BOYS.