Shankar’s Boys is releasing by

Shankar’s Boys is releasing by this month. Probably on 22nd August or on 29th August. It is a whooping 22 crores of investement and Shankar is careful in placing his film at the right time to grab the collections. In Chennai, it is Devi theatre instead of the usual Satyam. All of shankar’s movies from Kadhalan to Mudhalvan were in Satyam. His first fliick Gentleman was in the Alankar which is no more today.

Also it is tough time for other producers to release their film now, only to be over-shadowed by Boys. Boys promos on television today have created enough curiosity and expectation. To sustain this, the movie needs to be released ASAP.

Kamalhassan‘s interview today on Jaya TV was as cute as his sandiyar sideburns. Some highlights of the interview were when :

a) he said that movies are not like marriage first-nights; being without experience in a costly affair in cinema and hence he prefers theatre artists who have performed more and have a sense of audience.

b) he replied that the amount of literature he has heard is more than his reading.

c) he was honest enough to say in tamil brahmin families, men were exposed to more on english literature and women confined themselves to tamil literature.

d) he was angry that much of good tamil literature are blacked out and on the face of it, popular literature appears to be the only available literature in tamil.

e) he was sure that, be it Sakalakala Vallavan 2 or Virumandi as the new name of sandiyar, people would look only for the story than the name. my belief is that , whatever be the name, people would call it only Sandiyar. It has created so much of hulla-gulla that Sandiyar will stay as Sandiyar in the hearts of the people.

f) he was sure that Illayaraja would take the music to new heights in Sandiyar and it would be a music which when people listen, would say ” Where was this music all the time?”.

But boys, that is after sometime. Now is the time to start celebration for BOYS.

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