Aamir Unplugged with the Jawans:

Aamir Unplugged with the Jawans:

Not only Mariah Carey and Maddona can do it. Even Aamir Khan with NDTV’s star girl Barkha Dutt made it to the warfront to inspire the Jawans.
Prannoy Roy
It must have been Aamir’s unforgettable experience. Standing amidst the firing range of the Line-of-control, and having fun with the Indian Jawans was a brave job. Great Job Aamir. By the way is he hinting that his next movie ( The Rising – 1857) is about the war of independece.

While Aamir was playing cards with the jawans in a bunker near the LOC, Barkha sipped a hot chai and went asleep in the bunker. Reality TV in making ?

The program of having Aamir Khan in Kargil with the jawans was innovative programming from NDTV. Offlate their programming and their ad campaign have changed widely to cope up with the competition from India Today’s Headlines Today channel. Though India Today’s Aaj Tak – the hindi new channel is a hit but Headlines Today is still in its infancy and trying to overtake NDTV desperately. But NDTV with its sheer popularity and trust from the people stays in top.

The other good news for NDTV patrons is that Prannoy Roy‘s The World This Week is returning again with a bang. The ads are out but the dates aren’t announced yet. Prannoy Roy is going to present it again and I am sure it is a cool news for many of us. A decade back friday nights are for The World This Week. Especially the newsmakers section is the one which catches my attention. Its then I started appreciating media reporting and journalism. Welcome back Prannoy !!

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