Anandha Vikatan and Kumudam are

Anandha Vikatan and Kumudam are getting their new looks. These two tamil weeklies are the top sellers in this weekly magazines.

Anandha Vikatan aka Vikatan has already pushed three weeklies with their new look. The main change in the look and feel of Vikatan are the colors and pictures used all over the book. It feels good to see the growth of tamil dailies and I am happy that their market is expanding beyond horizons. Even in a desi street of Chicago, I happen to stumble over a shop that sells Vikatan. Whats amazing about Vikatan is the same quality of content and information they provide. If you know to read tamil Anandha Vikatan is a must-read magazine.

Kumudam is also jumping in the renovation band-wagon and has announced drastic changes in their look-feel-content.

Writer Sujatha has a column for himself in both the magazines. He is penning the Ver II of Srirangathu Devadhaigal in Vikatan. Chinna Sandeygangal (small doubts) in Kumudam which is about everyday thoughts and scientic truths.

A great weekend today except

A great weekend today except the sprain in my neck due to my bad sleeping postures of last night. It’s an irritating pain.

Kakkha Kakkha starring Surya – Jyothika has released yesterday. One of the most expected movies offlate. Uyirin Uyirey song is already a super dooper hit and it now the most used ringtone in tamil nadu.

Good to see George Fernandes take a ride in the Flying Coffin aka MIG-21, yesterday. Though it must have been 200% tested perfect, you might not know when a MIG-21 might crash.