Last night, I complelled myself

Last night, I complelled myself to listen to Radio Mirchi @ 98.3 because I had comment that radio mirchi is doing well. I had listened to it just for few hours and wanted to see if the comment was true. During the nights they play some oldies which are very nice. Their comperes are really good and their ads are also fine. But I am still not convinced with their song picks. Some of them are really unheard. But lets wait and watch…err…hear.

Kanmani, the compere of Kaalai Thendral ( Morning Breeze ) in Suryan FM @ 105.8 is doing a great job. With her honey sweet voice and the entu that she shows to greet her callers is simply fabulous. I have become a regular listener of her shows and they are real mood-setters for the day.

I don’t understand why people

I don’t understand why people plug lampshades on the fences and then tie it tightly with a non-transparent polythene cover. Why put the lampshade in first place ? Any takes ? was successfully launched today. was successfully launched today. I hosted my blog @ addr hosting and it is fully functional. Also it has infinite email addresses. any prefix to would be routed to me and I am extremely happy about the quick service provided by the guys @ addr. I had a few issues of tranferring my domain and the responded real quick. Thaks a lot guys. You efforts are appreciated.

I am not sure if I would update anymore but I am planning to provide a link there so they would get routed back to So please re-link to me incase you are linking to me with the old blogspot url.

Dusted my Philips Powerhouse and

Dusted my Philips Powerhouse and put it into work with FM. All these days it was just lying across my room untouched because we all turned to MP3 Cds and it was just a plain old taperecorder. Atleast it was useful for the FM purpose. Radio Mirchi @ 98.3 seems very out of place and it plays some real unheard numbers. The oldies in Radio Mirchi are the better ones. Suryan FM @ 105.8 is clearly in the top of the race. There is a lot of potential and I am expecting more FM channels to be intitated in Chennai.

Watched Panchathantiram thrice in the last two days and it was a real timepass. As usual it was kamal’s impressive comedy and I had a chance to listen to many of the crackers only when I watched it for more than once. Nice movie for a weekend.