Last night, I complelled myself

Last night, I complelled myself to listen to Radio Mirchi @ 98.3 because I had comment that radio mirchi is doing well. I had listened to it just for few hours and wanted to see if the comment was true. During the nights they play some oldies which are very nice. Their comperes are really good and their ads are also fine. But I am still not convinced with their song picks. Some of them are really unheard. But lets wait and watch…err…hear.

Kanmani, the compere of Kaalai Thendral ( Morning Breeze ) in Suryan FM @ 105.8 is doing a great job. With her honey sweet voice and the entu that she shows to greet her callers is simply fabulous. I have become a regular listener of her shows and they are real mood-setters for the day.

3 responses to “Last night, I complelled myself”

  1. anupriya Avatar

    i really enjoyed all the programes in suryan fm.
    i am very intersted in compere in suryan fm.i am
    very fluency in tamil.i don’t know how to attend the interviewand all the formalaties.will u plz help me to do further steps.i promise u that i do my best.plz send me a mail about such details.i am waiting fr ur reply.thank u



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