The Hoot features an article

The Hoot features an article titled Weblogs: a library of live autobiographies written Jyothi Kiran.

A well researched and a comprehensive article that enables a stranger peek into the world of weblogs. My weblog got a mention in the article. Read it !!

Can’t stand this chennai heat.

Can’t stand this chennai heat. Last evening had good half-and-half bath in besant nagar beach. Well it wasn’t intentional. We just went to have our feets washed but the gushing water tempted us and swept us by our feet. But the bag hanging behind me didn’t allow to get drenched. As we were children we never had any such issues of carrying mobiles, credit cards, docs and such responsibilities. Wish we had a remote control to rewind our lives back to childhood.

Rahman is a Robinhood. As

Rahman is a Robinhood. As Valli, the ace lyricist uttered these words, a whopping crowd of 60,000 plus shouted happily on their way to glory. Last week, Vijay TV aired the part 1 of Unity of Light concert which took place in Chennai during the month of Feb. As A R Rahman performing for the first time in Chennai, chennaites had a chance to witness the whiz kid who hailed from this city and made chennai a global spot in the music arena. Watch for Part II this week on Vijay TV.