Dusted my Philips Powerhouse and

Dusted my Philips Powerhouse and put it into work with FM. All these days it was just lying across my room untouched because we all turned to MP3 Cds and it was just a plain old taperecorder. Atleast it was useful for the FM purpose. Radio Mirchi @ 98.3 seems very out of place and it plays some real unheard numbers. The oldies in Radio Mirchi are the better ones. Suryan FM @ 105.8 is clearly in the top of the race. There is a lot of potential and I am expecting more FM channels to be intitated in Chennai.

Watched Panchathantiram thrice in the last two days and it was a real timepass. As usual it was kamal’s impressive comedy and I had a chance to listen to many of the crackers only when I watched it for more than once. Nice movie for a weekend.